Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alexandra's Story Part 5

Alexandra was pondering over her current predicament and deciding whether she should just accept her punishment and let them make a woman out of her or still try to go back to Alexander. She did miss out on her freedom as a man.

On the other hand, there were somethings she liked about her new role. She was starting to like the softer new fabrics she had to wear, although she could do with the corsets. It was also fun, to let a man court her and bring her flowers. She was afraid to let the queen know that though. She was starting to find Christopher adorable though. She loved how he made her feel cherished and desirable. She would rather it not be because of what Alexander did to Dawn, Christopher's sister.

Alexandra, now that she was starting to realize how vulnerable a woman was regretted what she did to Dawn. She knew now that it is wrong to force others to do what they don't want to do. She wished she could undo what she did.

She realized that she had to become a woman so that she could realize the damage that she done to Dawn. She would have to try and apologize to Dawn and try to make it right.

She resolved to herself to make the best person she could become and give up being the spoiled brat of a man that she used to be.

Meanwhile Christopher was still deciding if he should really be himself and court Alexandra showing her what a fine guy he was, or should be act the brute like Alexander was with Dawn. Christopher really did not feel right about being mean and brutish with her. He felt that women should be respected and not treated as objects for his gratification. He wondered if behaving as a gentleman if Alexandra would realize how a man should behave and regret her actions as Alexander.

Christopher decided that he was going to court Alexandra, as a gentle woman and give her the respect that was due to her. He felt it was better to woo her and not force her into anything just as a punishment to an unforgivable crime. He thought that this would help her accept the position she was now in, become a better person than she had been.

The next day, he got up and went to the florist's to get her a bouquet of flowers, so that he could begin in earnest to court and woo her. He figured that it would be better to treat her with kindness than with an iron glove.

He sent a message to her once he reached the palace.

Alexandra was deciding on what gown to wear that day, when she got his message. She had her maidservants dress her in a midnight blue velvet gown and fix her hair.

She entered the court room and saw Christopher standing there with the bouquet in his hands.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Journey Through Life, So Far Part 6

My Journey Through Life, So Far

Part 6

by Lesley Renee Charles

I have highlighted the major bits of my college years, but I have to back track a little and tell of some of my experiences when I lived in the college dorms.

To begin with I had to fight my whole Senior year of High School to be able to live in the dorms. I lived within the 10 mile radius and the college was denying me the right to live on campus because of that. Meanwhile they also guaranteed Freshmen housing. See the conundrum.

It was a great battle with government at its best. There were many times I was ready to give it up, because it was never ending, but my guidance counselor told me to keep at. And she was so right. By the time I was ready to graduate, I was told that I could stay in the lounge until I had a room assignment. Then about a month or two after that I had a roommate assignment.

My first roommate was very active sexually and this cause a lot of problems in that some of the guys would like to get even with him. I remember one time waking up to see a clay penis on the room door. I left it up hoping that he would take care of it, but he didn't. I guess he thought it was a compliment. I had to remove it and felt disgusted at the time.

At this time, I was very inactive sexually. Just pleasured my self. I guess I am what you might call asexual as I really don't have real strong desires for sex. I love cuddling and that sort of stuff, but I can take or leave the sexual intercourse part.

On my dorm floor were two brawny football players, (American Football). They were bigger than me and loved to render me helpless especially after they found out I am very ticklish especially the soles of my feet. The two of them would love to get me on their laps and take my shoes off so that they could get to my feet. They loved to make me laugh so hard. To describe how I was at the time, 5'7” and about 140 pounds. I was very scrawny at the time.

As for my gender issues, I was back to trying to force myself to accept being born male. I still thought of myself as female, but decided that since I was born male I should try to accept it. Big mistake as it led to many years of misery.

I have always imagined myself in female roles. For example if I was in a scary situation, I would pretend to be Nancy Drew working on a mystery. When I was younger, my mother tried to get me into the Hardy Boys, but I did not like them, but fell in love with Nancy Drew books. I loved how she used her wits to get out of situations instead of physical force.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


This is an issue that concerns me greatly, well that and the sister fear, Transphobia.  I have to leave with my younger brother for financial reasons.  I don't mind but he is a serious bigot, all races except white, gays and transgendered people which he does lump with gays.  If there is one thing that really bothers me, it is close minded individuals.  I try to keep an open mind about other people and try to learn from their different cultures and backgrounds.

I think when we let our close mindedness blind us, we lose out on learning about different people.  This lessens our ability to grow and develop as an individual.  This in turn limits our potential to grow into a more well rounded individual.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am now back

I was living out of my car for a week.  I was able to move into a small house, more like a bungalow, that I am renting.  I had to wait until the end of the month so that I could have my phone and internet hooked up.  Sorry for the delay.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Temporary Absence

Due to a very hurried move coming this weekend, I will have very limited internet access.  I will be able to check emails, so if anyone wants to contact me my email address is

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts

Right now, I am going through a situation where I need a lot of prayers.  I may be out of a place to live on Friday and need prayers to help me find something.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Journey Through Life, So Far Part 5

My Journey Through Life, So Far
Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 5

My Senior year of High School was very memorable for me in a few ways. School started well. I was doing great in my Art classes which was something I enjoyed doing. I decided to go to college as an Art Major. I excelled at drawing and painting. I could pretty much get a drawing's perspective down the first time I sketched it. I haven't done much with that lately but I do miss it as it tended to make me relax a little.

The first bit of tragedy was about a week or two before Christmas, my mother had her first heart attack. It started out as indigestion, which got bad at a party with the women she worked with. This led to me and my older brother taking care of the house and my younger brother, who was a handful. During this time he went out on the lake near our house, it was thinly iced over and could have led to a disaster. Luckily it did not. He did not let anyone know where he was, and unfortunately my mother called and wanted to talk to him. I could not find him, so I had to tell her.

She did come home, around Christmas time, but had to do physical therapy some afternoons. Getting dinner fell to me on those days.

I finally stopped group therapy around the middle of the school year. I was mixed about that, I spent almost three years going to it. I did get a good handle on my depression.

The school year seemed to fly bye and Graduation Day came. I was happy to leave the school, but sad about leaving friends behind.

My college years were a great. I went to a local state college and worked my way through it. I was on the college work study program. I worked in the school library which I love doing. It was easy to learn the Library of Congress filing system. One of my job duties were putting the books back on the shelf. This involved putting the returned books in order on shelves behind the Circulation Desk. After they were in order on the shelves, I then had to load up a book cart. After it was loaded I would have to push the cart to the appropriate shelves in the library and put them back. I used to love to do this and during the summer, I used to love to do the fiction books, as I would read books, while no one was looking. I would also have to shelf read, this is basically making sure the books on the shelves were in order. If not, I would have to reorganize them.

I would work in the library during the summer. The summer when I was 21, an incident happened.

I was shelf reading in the upstairs part of the library, when this guy past me going out. I remember thinking that I was glad that he was leaving as I did not like the look in his eyes. I was all alone there as the upstairs librarian was out on lunch.

The guy returned and went into the row of shelves in front of where I was. I was also taking the books down while I was shelf reading and moving them to a table nearby. I was doing this so that I could put the new check-out stickers in the books. While I was still in the row of shelves, I heard a rustling in the row ahead of me, but did not really pay it much notice.
While I was at the table the guy called me over. I thought he had a question. He asked me if I wanted to get together. When he noticed that I did not understand, he directed my attention to his erect penis which was sticking out of his sweat pants. I said no, and turned and left. He hung around for a little while and then left. Right after, the shock set in and I was afraid that he would return and force me.

I told one of the librarians, and she said I should report it. Unfortunately, I chose not to as I was afraid that the police would think that I asked for it as I was effeminate acting.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

To the Americans who read this have a happy Independence Day.  Sorry for not posting lately, I haven't had anything to really say lately.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sorry, haven't been posting

I apologize for not posting lately, but I have been having a bout of Migraines lately and have not been able to concentrate to type my thoughts.  I am better now, and will try to remedy the situation.  I will try to work on writing more stories.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's thoughts.

I am glad that the weekend is fast approaching.  May be I will have time to work on a few more stories, including a rework of Sleeping Beauty.  I have posted it on one of the fictions sites I use and have gotten some suggestions on how to make it better.  But as always I will leave the original here for people who want to read it.  I hope everybody has a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

This tale is based on an image on Chirenon's Male Protection blog and okayed by him to write.

Sleeping Beauty
Lesley Renee Charles
Prince Chivalrous was a handsome young prince with golden hair that sparkled in the glowing sun.  He had cornflower blue eyes that showed his radiant personality.  He was raised to be a kind and gentle man by his mother.  But the king was a little disappointed in his son because of his slender, boyish body.  He was capable of wielding a sword, but his body just did not bulk up.  He grew up mastering the duties that were needed to be a great king.

Unbeknownst to Prince Chivalrous, he was being watched by a neighboring king, King Randy.  Randy wanted to make Chivalrous, his boy bride.  Randy's ideas about this was that Chivalrous, or Chivy once he was his bride, would be shaved, locked and very submissive to Randy.  He would obey Randy's every command and/or want.  Randy also thought it would be great to have Chivalrous dressed in a feminine manner since he would be the bottom.

King Randy approached Chivalrous' father requesting his son's hand in marriage.  Christian's father accepted it, since he was afraid that his son would not attract any girl.  But he told Randy, it would only happen if his son accepted it.  Randy agreed to that, figuring he had nothing to lose.

Later, the king approached his son Chivalrous with the news.

"Son, I have a request from King Randy for you to marry him and be his bride."

"Dad, that is out of the question, I am not attracted to men."

The king went back to Randy and told him the news.  Randy was very determined to have Chivy for his bride, so he started hatching a plan.  He decided that he would be transformed by his wizard into a beautiful girl, pretending to be trapped by a sleeping spell and then he would get his mark.

The news got to Prince Chivalrous, about a Sleeping Beauty, so he decided to rescue her.  He traveled to where she was located and gave her a kiss.  Suddenly he felt dizzy and passed out.  Sleeping Beauty, kept her feminine form for a little while.  She stripped Chivalrous of his clothes, then shaved his body of all hair except for the hair on his head and his eyebrows.  She then placed him in the glass coffin she had designed for him.  She strapped his arms down along his side.  She collared him with a slave collar that marked him as Randy's pet.  The cover was placed over it.  It had a tube device that went into his mouth and one that was placed over his penis.  He was attached to both devices and immediately the device over his penis started milking him.  She told Prince Chivalrous that he would sleep until a real man came along and deposited his sperm in Chivalrous' wide open mouth.  Then he would be transformed into an obedient boy bride.

Randy knew that Chivalrous would be trapped there for a week as that was when the spell on Randy would wear off.  Since Chivalrous was being milked of his sperm constantly, he would be horny.

Randy finally changed back, stuck his enormous erect cock into the device in Chivalrous' mouth and stroked it in and out of the device.  As soon as the semen left his cock and entered Chivalrous' mouth the transformation started.  Chivalrous felt a stirring in his body as he became aware of his surroundings.  He opened his eye and noticed a man's cock was in his mouth.  He noticed that he was wanting to obey the owner of that cock.  He realized that he wanted to serve Randy as his boy bride.

Randy then got Chivalrous out of the coffin, placed Chivy's dicklet into the protector and dressed Chivy in his new dress.  They were married not too long after that and Chivy had a lot of fun submitting to his husband.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Poll results

It seems the majority of people responding to the poll are cross dressers, followed by MtF transsexuals and then men.  This does give me an idea on what to include here.  My next story may have some degree of cross dressing.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today's thoughts.

Today, they will be the barest minimum.  I am suffering from a curse I have had since I was ten years old.  Migraines.  I would not wish these on anybody.  My head is throbbing and I am sick to my stomach.  They had quieted down, for the last couple of years, but I guess the cycle is swinging back.  Other than that I had a peaceful day.

I can't believe Father's day is almost here.  Sometimes I wish I could have been closer to mine, but I always felt that I was a major disappointment.  He always had to struggle to relate to me.  When my younger brother came along, they got along a lot better.  My dad could show him how to behave like a man.  I was not eager to learn those lessons.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Courtship and Nuptials of Dawn – Part 3

The Courtship and Nuptials of Dawn


Lesley Renee Charles
Chapter 3

Dawn was just putting the finishing touches to the meal when her guests began to arrive.

She led them into the sitting area and told them to get comfortable, while Christian got them their drinks. They were all there, except the queen who was just finishing up getting ready. She was running late because her court sessions today ran over time. She was wondering what the meeting was about. She was hoping that her plans and schemes worked out. She felt justified in ruining Eric's life if her son was happy. She thought he had looked a lot happier in the last few weeks. She felt that the ends justified the means and she was disciplined enough to plan and carry out her schemes. Besides she thought Dawn was a better person than Eric and that she was better off as a woman. She only wished that Christian was more like her and less the gentle man that he was.

She got dressed in her finest golden gown, put on her grandest tiara and headed down to the gathering.

The queen was rushed into the sitting room, and joined her husband who was already there. The king was a kindly man, who let his wife pretty much run things. He wanted his son to be happy and thought that Dawn was doing this. He didn't know for sure, but thought it highly likely that his wife planned out the whole thing. He did feel sorry for Eric, because the king liked him and thought him a great fellow. He studied Dawn, and wondered if she was truly happy as Dawn or would he go back to being Eric if he could. But knowing his wife he thought the last scenario was very unlikely. He figured his wife and Eric totally locked into being Dawn.

Dawn looked splendid in the gown she chose to wear for the dinner. She got up and walked over to her fiance. She gazed lovingly into his eyes.

Prince Christian got up.

I have a wonderful announcement. I have asked Dawn to be my wife.”

That's wonderful but what did she say?” The queen asked.

She said no.”

The queen was shocked at this. She felt her plans for the kingdom and her son going awry. She was ready to go and punish Dawn. She felt maybe a few days in the dungeon would set her right. She was ready to call her guards in and carry that out when she noticed the gleam in her son's eyes.

Got you”

Did I have you going mother? I hope so, because this is the last time I am going to deal with your schemes and machinations. You set up a poor guy, so that you can make the perfect bride whether he wanted to be a bride or not. It is not right for you to play with other lives. Please let Alexandra be the last, or I will renounce my ascendancy to the throne. Dawn did accept because she loves me and wants to be with me and not as a result of your schemes. I really do hope that you learn not to manipulate others into your bidding.”

The queen was aghast at these words.

What do you mean give up the throne. I did this, so that your ascendancy to the throne would be guaranteed. If you turn it down, I will have ruined another man's life for naught.”

That's the point I am trying to make mother. It was very wrong of you to take Eric, set him up and transform him into a woman. Luckily for you she likes what was done to her, but if she wasn't you would have forced her into being someone she is not. You do not have the right to do that to others on your whim. I will only renounce the throne if you ever try to manipulate others again.”

The queen decided to let that matter drop for the time being, but thought to herself that she would revisit it when she could control her son a little bit better. She did not want to stop using her control to manipulate others.

Dawn was congratulated by her family who felt that this would be a good move for her. She would be protected and taken care of by a man who loved her.

Sinful Pleasures 2

Sinful Pleasures 2
by Lesley Renee Charles
Matt Smith was walking down the street on his way to lunch when a colorful new store happened to catch his eye.

'I wonder what they sell in that store' he thought to himself while pushing his auburn hair out from the front of his emerald green eyes. 'I guess I will take a look and see what they have.'

He walked over to the new store and entered. There was quite a selection of items of all kinds. There were several men suits, ladies' evening gowns, clothes for children, all on very realistic looking mannequins. 

Matt was a slender man of about 5' 7” tall. He was an attractive man who caught the attention of women. A beautiful lavender gown covered with a pattern of sequins caught the corner of his eye. He walked over and lovingly caressed the the gown. It felt like it was made of silk.

“Would you like to try that on?” Chris asked him with a smirk on her face.

“I am not sure, if I want to do that. It is a lovely gown through. It reminds me of those gowns that Ginger Rogers wore when she danced with Fred Astaire.”

“Go ahead and try it on, it looks like it was made for you. Follow me, I will show you our private dressing room.”

Matt followed her down the hallway to the back of the store to a plain, wooden door that opened into a very private dressing room. There was a vanity table in front of a lighted mirror, a large wardrobe that held a lot of various dresses and gowns in various styles and colors. There was also a six drawer chest that held a various assortment of lingerie. Chris told Matt to go in and try on the gown.

“Matt, if I make a suggestion, before putting on the gown. I think you should look through the chest drawers and see if you can find lingerie that would be suitable for the gown.”

Matt went in and walked over to the chest of drawers and opened the first drawer, it contained panties of all styles. He saw this beautiful pair of lilac panties. It was a French cut bikini, with lace accents. Matt checked to see what size it was and saw that it would fit him perfectly. He took off his slacks and plain white briefs. He slipped on the panties. He loved the way the satin and lace felt next to his skin.

Matt then decided he may as well take off the rest of his clothes, so he shucked off his shirt, tie and suit jacket. 'I have to find a bra that matches this pair of panties.' He looked in the next drawer, but it contained stockings and garter belts. A thought came to him that maybe he should wear the stockings and garters, that it would be so delightful under the long gown. He took out a pair of nude stockings, which he rolled up so that he could slip them on and a lilac colored garter belt which he put on over his panties, slipping the garter straps under his panties. He sat down on the chair that was in front of the vanity. He sensuously rolled up the stockings up his legs and attached them to the garters. He loved how smooth his legs looked.

He went back to the chest and looked through the third drawer and saw that it contained the bras. He hoped that he could find one in a B or C cup since he did not want, nor was attracted to large breasts. He found a lilac, lacy bra in a C cup. It was also in his size so he slipped it on. 'I only wish that I had something to fill the cups.' As soon as he finished putting on the lingerie, he decided to slip the gown on. He looked in the mirror and loved how it looked on him.

He suddenly started to feel a weird, tingly sensation all over his body. 'I don't feel well, let me sit down a moment.' He did not realize it at first but his male body was starting to transform to a body that better suited the clothes.

His feet started to narrow, a little and the nails were suddenly painted with a bright red nail polish. The changes spread up to his ankles, which slimmed down a little, up the calves and thighs taking a more feminine shape to them, the hair disappearing so that the legs were left smooth and shapely. Next to change was his hips and butt. The butt became a bit more padded and pear shaped. The hips widened out a little. He felt his penis and scrotum start to shrink and retract into his body as his or should that be her new vagina started to form. Her waist started to narrow as the changes moved up her torso. Her stomach flattened as her breasts started to form and fill up her bra. Her shoulders became more rounded as the changes moved on down her arms. They became more slender and feminine looking as her hair disappear, like it did over the rest of her body. Her hands became more delicate as well as her fingers. Her fingernails also got painted with the same polish as on her toes.

The changes were moving up her neck which lengthened and became more slender. Her Adam's Apple disappeared as her voice became higher in pitch. Her lips filled out a little, her nose became more delicate as her eyes remained emerald but became larger. Her forehead took on a feminine contour. She had nice high cheek bones. Her auburn hair lengthened to just past her shoulders, while it also developed curls.

She looked into the mirror and liked the changes to her body. She looked at the vanity table and decided to put on makeup. She was finally whole body and soul and she was so happy.

Thoughts for the day

First thought, thank the Lord for another day.  Ready to face the good and not so good that the day may bring.  I have so much to be thankful for.  People that care for me. 

I am so glad that I started my journey to accepting Transgenderism in the age of the Internet.  I have found so much acceptance on it.  Also found a lot of valuable information.  As I admit to myself my gender issues, I have found that I am more accepting of others' differences.

I luckily did not get beat up too much for being obviously different.  I was always on the effeminate side, that was who I was and so that was that.  I had no interest in the stereotypical male pursuits.  I did get some teasing but was not seriously beat up.  Of course, it helped that I had a tomboy who wore steel-tipped boots to school defending me.  lol.  I know that I am a small minority in that, and I feel for my sisters and brothers that have to face a daily beating.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sinful Pleasures – Setting Up the Store

Sinful Pleasures – Setting Up the Store
by Lesley Renee Charles
Christina (Chris) Martin nee Christopher came to his senses after his startling transformation into a woman, and also with his new found powers. He, make that she was not happy with the idea of being a female, she was happy with her old body and missed her old life. She also realized though that she could not change it now, but would try to find a way to get her old life back.

The weight of her new breasts were a little startling to get used to, but she also realized that she had to get home and try to make a new life for herself. She was also curious thought about her new body. She also realized that she also had to get herself a new wardrobe, since she had a good idea that her old clothes would not fit her too well. She started to walk her way out of the dark forest, since the coven of witches she had disturbed had already left. She also found that she had to get used to a different way of walking since she had breasts and a void that she now had between her legs. She also thought to herself that she now would have to get used to wearing woman's shoes especially heels, she definitely was not looking forward to that. 

She finally got herself home to her apartment. She went into her bedroom and looked into the mirror, after she took off her clothes so that she could get a better idea of she looked like. Her hair was now shoulder-length, still was the ebony color that she was used to. Her face and softer features now, a more dainty nose, a nice cupid bow shaped mouth and large emerald eyes that had a nice sparkle to them. She had a nice peaches and cream complexion to it. Chris realized that she still looked very similar to his face when he was Christopher.

Chris proceeded to let her gaze wander down her new body. She noticed her slim shoulders, her C-cup breasts, her nice hourglass shape. Her gaze next took in the junction between her nice shapely legs. She was shocked at the sight of her new womanhood. She did miss her nice sized manhood. She decided to explore her new genitalia, and let her fingers explore the entrance into her new vagina. It felt different but pleasant as she massaged her clit. She realized that maybe it would not be all bad being a woman.

Chris decided to experiment with using her new powers and wanted to see what limits she had. She noticed a vase of flowers sitting on the nightstand in her bedroom and wanted to see if she could levitate it to her. She remembered watching that TV show about three sister witches and wanted to see if she could orb it to her, but that did not work. Next she tried to picture it moving in the air towards her. She did not think that this would work so she was surprised when she saw the vase start to rise up off the table and move through the air towards her. She put out her hand so that the vase would land in it. She then wanted to see if she could transform it into something else, so she pictured, in her mind, the vase and flowers turning into marble. The vase and flowers proceeded to lose their beautiful colors and turn to a marble like color as the proceeded to also become stiff.

Chris decided to get ready to bed and put on an old t-shirt from her days as Christopher. It now hung a little bit lower on her new body, as she had lost about 3 inches from her previous height of 5' 10”. She planned on going shopping tomorrow and get herself some new clothes. She figured that she could go to a thrift store. She decided to open a store also, so that she could make some money. She wanted it to be a store where people could buy all kinds of things to bring pleasure to their lives.

She got the next morning, and put on some jeans and a t-shirt she found. The jeans were a little large but she could still wear them the same for a pair of old sneakers that she found buried in her closet. She also realized that she would have buy and learn how to use make-up in the near future. She missed the easiness that men have to get ready. She realized that from now on it would take her a lot longer to get ready to face the world.

As she was making her way, to the shops to get what she needed she found the perfect spot to open her shop and it happened to be for sale. She took down the information and called the reality company to get the price quote. She had a nice bank account, from an inheritance from her late grandmother, luckily the account was under the name of Chris Martin and no gender was specified. Her grandmother had set it up that way, as if she knew something like what happened to Chris would have happened. Once she was told, the price she decided to buy the store. 

A month later, she finally opened the store. As for getting the goods, what was the point of being a witch if you couldn't use a little magic to help get you set up a little bit quicker.

Poll results so far,

Right now, the poll is almost equally divided among three groups, males, mtf transsexuals and mtf cross dressers.  Is there any particular type of direction you would like me to go with the blog?  You can either post a comment here or email at the following address:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thoughts on wrong Puberty

Since I have come to accept myself, I no longer feel like I have to over compensate as a male when I present as a male, which I have to do because of work right now.  I admit to myself that I am female, see myself as female and I am somewhat content with my lot.  Growing up male, I know all to well how the male gender is encouraged to frown on any sign of femininity.  I think this is wrong, and I was always very open with my feelings and as a result most boys kept their distance from me.  Anyway I preferred playing with the girls anyway as this better suited my nature.  I was not into the rough and tumble of boys' play.  I was not one for sports or cars either, so as you can see I had little in common with most males.

When puberty came, I really started to hate my body.  Hated the body hair springing up all over the place.  Hated the idea of facial hair growing.  Hated that another part of my body was getting active.  I am thankful though that I never developed an Adam's Apple, nor did my voice change.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Me at work on Halloween

Here is a pic of me dressed at work for Halloween.

7,000 + hits

I reached a landmark of 7,000 hits today.  I am so glad that people are reading this humble little blog.  I am so very, very grateful to all of you reading this blog.  I will try to keep adding my thoughts, my stories and whatever else I can add here.  It has amazed me how this blog grew in the past week.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Finally admitting I was transsexual

I guess what got me started admitting I had gender issues, rather than thinking I was strange and to go about hiding my feelings, was discovering transgender fiction stories on first Nifty then on FictionMania.  I started reading these stories like I was addicted to them.  They appealed to something in me, but I was not ready to admit the gender disorder that was afflicting me.

I discovered the COGIATI test on the web.  At first, I scored Androgynous Male, but that did not suit me, so I kept taking it and being more honest with myself.  I finally scored Transsexual and I was ready to admit that was what I am.  That was about 12 years ago.  I am ready to go on with the transition but right now money is tight.  But since I have admitted that is what I am inside, I am at peace with myself.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Come in and enjoy yourself

I just want to say that I want this to be a place where open minds are very welcome.  This blog deals with the issues of boys being girls, as that is what I am.  But if there are girls being boys who are reading this, I want you to be welcome.  I have set up a poll just to get the idea of who is reading this blogs.  So please feel free to fill it out, it is anonymous.

I intend this blog to be a variety of things, I will also put some of my personal thoughts here.  Please feel free to agree, disagree, provide your own insight.  I am always open to other areas of thoughts.  Thank you for reading this blog.  Please feel free to ask me questions and/or provide your thoughts and/or beliefs.

Hope you enjoy this blog.

My Journey Through Life, So Far -- Part 4

My Journey Through Life, So Far
Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 4

Summer of 1980, I went to summer camp in Blairstown, NJ. This was the camp that was used in the first Friday the 13th movie. I know this because one of the boys in my cabin would say that is where Jason came out of the lake. I definitely did not go swimming, lol. Camp was fun, I took horseback riding lessons which I really enjoyed. At camp, is when I first had suicidal thoughts. Also, fueling this was a vision I had seen of me in a coffin earlier that year. My fourteenth year was a very hard year, I lost my paternal grandmother. I knew the minute she died on Christmas day, and at her funeral, I saw her spirit rise out of her body and climb upwards to Heaven. I still remember seeing that to this day.

When I got home from camp, I told my doctor about my feelings. That was when I started psychiatric therapy which lasted through to my Senior of High School. I was put on anti-depressants and after a few months of just individual therapy, I was allowed to also attend a group session with kids my age which helped me to see I was not the only one suffering depression. One of the medications I was put on was Xanax. That did help me a lot, but when I was taken off of it, my doctor had me just stop it. The withdrawal was hell.

Crossdressing at this time was very low keyed. My mother was way shorter than me, so I could not wear her clothes. Looking back, I can see at the time I preferred unisex styled clothes. My mother always had a big battle getting me to wear suits and ties. The only thing I could borrow my mother was her costume jewelry and some of her shoes. In my fantasies I was always pure girl. At this time, I was really into Gone with the Wind, both the novel and the movie. So I would pretend to be Scarlett O'Hara. I also read a lot of Nancy Drew and romance novels. I guess you could say I had a feminine test in reading. I also loved to read mysteries and suspense novels.

At school, I tried to keep a low profile as I was still very shy at the time. One of my most embarrassing moments happened when I was in 10th grade. I had to go to the bathroom so bad, and I saw one which was not marked so I went in. It was empty and I went in a stall, like I always do, I have never liked to use the urinals, so I never paid attention if they were there or not. I came out of the stall and into a group of girls. And no, there was no screaming, just teasing. But let me tell you, for the next week or so, I was afraid of being called down to the office and punished. Thankfully that did not happen.

In 11th grade, I took some painting and drawing courses, and rediscovered my love of Art. I had a lot of fun learning how to paint and draw. During that year was the first time I worked on the sets for the High School musical which I enjoyed doing. It was great fun to paint the sets and watch while the student actors rehearsed on the stage.

My Senior year, flew by. I remember I took the SAT once. I got over 1100, thought I did bad until my Guidance Counselor told me that score would get me in most colleges so I decided not to retake it. Then just before Christmas, my mother had her first heart attack. So I had to cook and clean for my family for a little while. My art talent was developing along nicely and that was what I declared as my major. I finally got accepted at Trenton State College (it is not College of New Jersey but I refuse to call it that on principle.) And that started my battle with them about living on campus, because of guaranteed housing and my living to close to the campus. That battle was finally resolved that summer when I got a roommate assignment.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Courtship and Nuptials of Dawn – Part 2

The Courtship and Nuptials of Dawn – Part 2
by Lesley Renee Charles
Dawn's father, mother, brother, and sister received their invitation to a private party. They wondered what is about.

Dawn, nee Eric's father, William, was still angry over his former son's behavior to maidens and felt that his punishment was merited but he still had to deal with the embarrassment of having a rapist for a son. He hoped that Eric as Dawn would make a better life for herself. He also hoped that his new daughter would marry the Prince as this would be beneficial to the family's name and position in society.

Dawn's mother, Helena, was also hoping that her new daughter was announcing her engagement. She was very disappointed when Eric molested Victoria, she had hoped that she raised her son better. She has seen Eric since he became Dawn and she love the improvements in her former son.

Dawn's brother, Christopher, was happy for his new sister. He loved Eric better as Dawn, she was more kinder and gentler than her former self. He also noticed that Dawn seemed to care more for her family than she did before. He noticed that Dawn seemed to care more for the interests of others as opposed to being self-centered like she was when she was Eric. Christopher was also involved with the punishment of Alexander Du Lac, now Alexandra. He was very upset over what Alexander did to his sister but he was trying to treat Alexandra like a lady.

Dawn's sister, Amelia, was very certain that the engagement was going to be announced since she was secretly approached to be the donor mother for her sister. She was very pleased to be asked to do this, as she would do anything to help Dawn out. She was so happy to have a kind, loving sister as opposed to her overly masculine former brother. She secretly smiled to herself over how feminine her brother Eric has become as Dawn. Amelia, though a little shorter than Dawn, physically looked very similar to Dawn and knew that people would not be able to tell future kids weren't Dawn's.

Meanwhile, over in the palace King Jonathan and Queen Elizabeth were also wondering what the invitation was about. King Jonathan, who was in the dark about his son's orientation and Dawn once being Eric was hoping that his son was finally going to be settling down, get married and set about producing heirs to the throne. King Jonathan was a well-liked king, who tried to be fair to his people and to other kingdoms.

Queen Elizabeth, was fairly certain that her plans were working out, although she was extremely disappointed that her son did not tell her first. She was feeling guilty of her setting up Eric and forcing his transition to womanhood. She knew that Eric would make an excellent wife to her son. She would have rather discussed her plans with Eric, now Dawn and maybe could have made it worth his while, but she was afraid that Eric would not fall in with her plans so she did think it was for best to set him up and punish him for his crimes. Queen Elizabeth did believe that Dawn did make a fine woman, and was a beautiful accent to her handsome son. She did know that Christian was very taken with Dawn, her beauty and her inner grace.

Dawn was busy planning for the coming party. She had to plan the meal, make sure it was suitable for everyone in both families. She had to decide which set of china and crystal to use. Make sure the floral arrangements were done. She wanted it to be perfect. Although she was unsure of whether she wanted to be a woman or not, she did know that she loved being with Christian; loved the way he treated her; the way he made her feel. She really did feel that she could live the rest of her life as his wife. She did wonder if she would have accepted this if Queen Elizabeth had come to her first. She wondered what it would feel like to be possessed by Christian.

Christian, knowing how his intended was, let her have her way planning the meal. He was just so elated that she agreed to marry him. He felt that he was the luckiest man alive. He was glad that his mother had found him his Dawn. He could not wait until the wedding. He could not wait to make Dawn his.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Courtship and Nuptials of Dawn Part 1

The Courtship and Nuptials of Dawn Part 1

by Lesley Renee Charles
Prince Christian decided that he was going to court and wed Dawn, she was perfect for him. He loved her slender figure, her now shoulder-length Flaxen colored hair. He also loved the fact that she was born male, but now had the appearance of a beautiful fair maiden. 

The sun glinted on his beautiful auburn hair, as he made his way to Dawn's suite of the castle with a bouquet of red roses and some beautiful, deep blue sapphire earrings. He also had a secret piece of jewelry hidden on him and if all went according to plan, he would give it to her.

He knocked on her door, and inquired, “May I come in, my darling?”

Dawn got up and answered, “Who is it?” with a little smile on her face knowing who it was, but wanting to have a little fun with the big, handsome man. She was falling love with him but she was wondering if she should fall in so easily with the machinations of Queen Elizabeth. It was still bothering her on how well she was tricked into her current role. As much as she loved her new clothes, her new jewelry she did miss the freedom of her days of being Eric, a handsome and randy knight.

She did regret the actions that gotten her into this mess in the first place. She should have had more respect for women and not force himself as he was Eric at the time on a beautiful girl who stirred up his passions. It is never right to force yourself on someone as Eric as Dawn soon realized when Alexander Du Lac raped her. 

There is a freedom of being able to come and go when you are a man and Dawn did miss those days. Now she had to act demure and ladylike. She was to be treated like she was a natural born woman by Royal Decree. So she had to flirt with guys, wear dresses, which didn't mind too much, wear corsets, which she did mind, they were tight as Hades.

Prince Christian, did not take kindly to her attempt at humor and replied, “It is Your Royal Highness, Prince Christian.”

“Well you don't have to get all high and mighty with me. I was just kidding you, sheesh, can't you take a joke.”
She opened the door and let him in.

The prince being a bit impatient and quite stirred up in his passions proceeded to get down on one knee and asked Dawn the very important question.

“Will you marry me?”

Dawn hesitated and asked for a few seconds to think it over.

She then gave him an answer, as she nodded her head and said that she would be glad to accept that honor. 

He then placed a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring on her finger.

Prince Christian was so radiantly happy with her answer and told her that he was the luckiest man alive.

“We have so much to plan in the next year. We will have to decide how we are going to get heirs.”

“My sister who is very similar to me agreed to donate her eggs and womb to remedy the situation. We will just have to make sure she is in seclusion when this occurs.”

“We will have to tell my mother the good news right away. She will be so pleased.”

“Can't we wait and tell both families together?” Dawn did not want to give the Queen instant gratification in the knowledge that her scheme worked. At least not for a little while, besides she wanted both families to know the news at the same time.

Christian agreed and so they set a date for a dinner to tell the news to both of their families.


I have always wondered if I would have been allowed to act and dress like a girl whether I would still want to alter my body.  I probably would have wanted to develop breasts as I think it would be so much better to have breasts that are a part of your body instead of worrying if the breast forms will pop out and embarrass you.  I don't know whether I would opt for the SRS surgery, I don't care about whether I have that thing.  Maybe the idea of surgery is what scares me.

I think the greatest crime a boy can do is be on the effeminate side.  There is so much pressure put on the boy to conform with society's expectations of being a man.  For girls on the tomboy side, there is a little pressure especially if the parents want a girly girl.  But in my opinion, tomboys get a little more acceptance than girly boys.  I know from personal experience the pressure of conforming to male standards.  With me, it came mostly from my older brother.  I remember when I wanted a toy stove and oven, how he would make comments about me getting a girl toy.  He wanted me to join the Armed Services, he didn't say it, but I always wondered if he felt that it would make a man out of me.  I just wish it could have been accepted that I am a girl.  My mother was lukewarm about it.  She would treat me like a girl, but did not like it when I came out.  She had less problems with me liking boys.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Che Amore (Rough Draft

Che Amore
Lesley Renee Charles

I leaned over the balcony overlooking the Fora Romana. I was looking at the ancient ruins, imagining what it must have been like back then. Imagining what it must have been like for a woman back then.

I was here in Rome, to see where my family had come from. This was my first full day here and I decided to take a little tour to see the sights. I was standing here in a simple denim skirt with a robin's egg blue blouse. My shoulder length raven hair blowing in the slight breeze. I could smell the blooms of various springtime flowers in the air. 

I turned around and bumped into a big wall. I heard said wall, “Are you all right ma'am?” I looked up into a pair of Sapphire eyes. I was so captivated by them, that it took me a little bit to reply.

“Yes, I am fine thank you.”

“What is a beautiful lady like you doing all by herself in this wonderful city. My name is Nicholas Grant, but you can call me Nick.”

“Hi, Nick. It's great to meet you. My name is Rosa Vacca. I am here to see where my family came from.”
“Are you an American? I am here on a business trip. Would you like to go to dinner tonight? Maybe see the Fontana Di Trevi?”

“I would love to.”

“How about seven tonight?”

“That's fine. I will be ready.”

He asked me where I was staying and I gave him the name of my hotel. We parted and I decided to shop in the local stores to see if I can find a beautiful dress.

Later, back in my hotel room, I pulled out my gaffe so I could tuck myself in. I then put on a lacy pair of white panties. Following that I put on my garter belt, ran the straps under my panties. I then sat down on my bed, rolled my white silk stockings into doughnut shapes. I learned over and slowly and sensuously rolled them up my smooth legs. Caressing my calves as I slid them up past my knees and finally covering my thighs. I attached them to the belt using the garter straps. I loved the feel of wearing stockings. It made me feel so feminine.

I picked up the matching brassiere. I put it on backwards, fastened the eyelets and then turned it around. I put the straps over my shoulders and then adjusted it. I then put in my C-cup breast forms. I turned to the mirror and admired the look. I decided to wear my waist cincher to give me a more hourglass shape.

I finished getting ready. Made sure the make-up looked perfect. Grabbed my wig off of the wig form. Splashed some Chanel 5 and was ready.

He arrived on time. We went to the ristorante and had a great meal. The candlelight gleamed in his beautiful eyes. I felt like I could swim in them forever and never come up for air. If there is such a thing as love at first sight, this might be it. We finished our meal and he guided me out to see the fountain. If you never have been to Trevi Fountain at night you have to.

It is packed with a lot of people out there having a good time, there is a lot of noise, a lot of gaiety. Nick took my arm and guided me down to the fountain so that we could throw our coins in and make a wish.

Acceptance as a girl

I have been pondering lately on how easy it is for others to see me as a girl.  There were a couple of times a few years back when I, dressed as a guy would be in a group of ladies and the group was greeted with good night ladies, a few second pause, then and sir.  Even now, I work as a guy, but if the customers don't pay attention, I am referred to in the feminine gender.  I just wonder sometimes, if we perceive a person's spirit more than their actual body.  It does make me feel good to be referred to in the feminine gender, just looks inappropriate I guess.

My mother often treated me in subtle ways as a girl.  I remember if I would be out with her and her friends, if I interrupted the conversation, I would be told that I should wait for a break in the conversation and if I forget what I was going to say, oh well.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some good TG story series

The following are transgendered fiction story series that I enjoy.  Try them you might like them.

The first is Princess for Hire, by Rasufelle on

I also like the Tuck series by Ellen Hayes on

That is a start.  The Tuck series is big, but very enjoyable.  

Site piking

I am happy to say I had over 205 visits today, which has been the most I have had since I started.  I am glad to have that many reads. 

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Alexandra's Story - Part 4

Alexandra's Story


Lesley Renee Charles

Part 4

Christopher was walking the streets of the city when he noticed a sign by the theater announcing the performance of a new play by William Shakespeare. It was a comedy, Christopher decided to go in to see it, thinking it might divert his mind from his current problem of what to do with Alexandra. Queen Elizabeth had told him that Alexandra was being very difficult. She did not want to learn how to be feminine.

Christopher entered the theater and found a sit just as the play begin. It started with the abduction of a drunk who was convinced that he was a noble who abandoned his family. It then proceeded to be about an Italian merchant who had two daughters. The younger one was sweet beautiful and much desired, but who could not be married until a man was found for her older sister who was a shrew. She was a high-spirited opinionated woman.

A man was found that was willing to court her. He courted her then wed her and acted around her as a boor, but in the end she learned to do what her husband wanted. Christopher thought that maybe this could be a solution to Alexandra's willfulness. It may tame her, but not lose her high-spiritness.

He decided to have a meeting with the queen and discuss this.

Meanwhile, at the palace, Alexandra was having an exciting day. She was gotten out of bed and was forced into her corset and dress for the day, after throwing a chamber pot at the hapless maid.

I do not want to wear these clothes. I am a man not a woman and I want to be treated like one.”

This outburst brought in the guards who were able to subdue her while the maids quickly got her dressed in her gown. Alexandra was then led down to the throne room where she was brought before the queen.

Alexandra, what am I going to do with you? You have to accept your punishment. You gave up all rights to being a male when you agreed to the plea bargain. Of course if you persist in this behavior, I will have no other choice but to send you to prison, where the males there will turn you into a girl anyway. You will be brutally raped and abused, night after night. Is this what you want? I will give you until tomorrow to decide and live with the consequences.”

Alexandra was led to her room where she had all day to decide what she wanted to do. But neither choice was really appealing. The first choice was to live out the rest of her days, as a woman. She would not be in prison, but she would have to do the will of her husband. She would have to take care of their adopted children, see to the house and take care of his needs. She would always have to act like a lady. She missed the days when she was able to be Alexander and go where he wanted and do what he pleased. If only he had not abducted Dawn and raped her. He realized that a terrible thing to do. He regretted it everyday.
The second choice was even worse, even though he would be a male. He would be locked up with murderers and other hardened criminals. He would be sodomized often by many males. He would have no choice. At least with the first option, he only had to worry about one man. The more he thought about his choices the more he felt that he would do better to go with the first option, but how he hated becoming a female. But if he had to be in a prison, per se, he wanted one where he could enjoy the outside.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday is definitely better

I am doing better now, that I got Friday out of my system.  I have been checking the online website, I connected with the guy since and he has visited my profile since standing me up.  I am going to see if he sends a note about it, but so far nothing.  So I realize he was intending to stand me up the whole time.  It is doing me so good to get this out of my system.  Life goes on, and I know I will find the right man to master me, I just have to be patient. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tonight, deepest disappointment

I spent all day today making sure, I was ready for my date tonight.  Painted my nails, earlier in the day.  Made sure I was smooth all over.  Half hour before, put my make up on, my wig, my breast forms and was ready, like I was told to be.  7 shows up, no date, 7:30 still nothing.  I wait around as long as I can because I hate to go back to male mode.  Now, I will wait to see if he contacts me, because I am not going to plain the wronged party.  It just seemed so promising.  Oh well.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tomorrow, I may be living out a fantasy

Tomorrow, I will be seeing a Male Dom, who plans on collaring and leashing me.  I have fantasized about this and will let you know what happens.  Yes, I will be shaved, and dressed en femme for him.  I am so looking forward to this.  I guess I have always been a little kinky and I am looking forward to exploring this.  I am just so excited.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife - Part 4

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife (Or How I Made It Through My Transition)
Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 4

When I arrived back at my place. I took a shower, put on a more natural look with my make-up and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. I got out the phone numbers of the three guys I was considering for being my husband. I wondered if I should call them, but I am of the belief that the man should initiate the date, at least the first date. I wondered if I should email them that I was interested in them and put the ball into their court. I just kept thinking of the chance I was about to take. I really want the right guy in my life, to take care of him as much as he takes care of me.

I always wanted to take care of a home for my husband, so I guess I was more traditional in my desires. I just love the idea of keeping a place clean, having my husband's meal ready for him when he came home for work. I know I have to take care deciding which was the right guy for me. On paper they all seemed great, but that in the end is not what you should base a decision on. I wanted to at least feel some attraction for the guy.

I came to the conclusion that a good course of action was to start dating all three of them. I also was going to be honest with them and tell them at the start that was dating the others until I could decide who was right for me. Granted I was going to use them to finance my transition, if only my parents could accept me and help me through that time. Unfortunately, I don't see them coming around, especially my ever-loving father.

After deciding my course of action, I logged onto Craig's List. I found Will's reply and responded to it.

Will, thanks for answering my ad. You sound like a wonderful man, I would love to meet you and see what happens. If you want, the following is my phone number, (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I would love to hear from you. Lesley.

After sending it on its way, I went to Charles' response.

Charles, your ad intrigues me, I would love to learn more about you. My phone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I am waiting to hear from you, I would love the chance to talk with you and get to know you better. Lesley

Then, I looked up Marc's answer and sent him a response.

Marc, thank you for you wonderful response to my ad. I would love to talk with you. Here is my phone number, (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I am longing to hear from you. Lesley

After, finishing the last response, I logged off. I decided to go out and hit the thrift stores for some nice clothes that fit me. I just knew I had to get some nice dresses, skirts and blouses since I had a feeling I was going to start having a more active night life.

Now I just had to wait for the calls to start and the fun to begin.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife -- Marc's Story

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife – Marc's Story
Lesley Renee Charles

I don't know what is was that night but I decided to read the advertisements in Craig's List. After the messy, painful divorce from my ex-wife I have not been looking for someone.

I found the ad from the transsexual who wanted to pose as a wife to a man who would be willing to pay for her transition. I have always been curious about dating a transsexual woman. I would love to help guide a younger person into being who they want to be. I also felt that I should start dating again, and maybe a relationship with not strings attached might help me get over the messy divorce. I will treat her like I treat any other woman. I don't have any intention of dictating how she should transform her body, that should be up to her.

I have a great paying job that enables me to pay the ex and still have a lot left over for me to keep a nice house. I have not had anybody in my life in the last few years because I was still getting over the pain of the divorce. I came in one night and caught her fooling around with my ex best friend. I cut them out of my life real quick. I think I am ready to try again. Besides it would be nice to help somebody to become who they are.

I want this chance to start again, and start living again. Don't know if we will find love, but who knows how things may turn out. I decided that I will just have to take that chance, so I sent a reply to her advertisement.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife -- Charles' Story

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife – Charles' Story


Lesley Renee Charles

I don't know what is was that night but I decided to read the ads in Craig's List. After the painful death of my wife I have not been looking for someone.

I found the ad from the transsexual who wanted to pose as a wife to a man who would be willing to pay for her transition. Something about it drew me to her. I could sympathize with what she may be going through. It must be hard to want to be who you are and unable to do it.

I have never dated a transsexual, but I figured that it shouldn't be any different than dating any other girl. So she had a little extra at first that didn't really bother me. As to her looks, I figured she should be the one to dictate what her body looks like.

I have a great paying job that enables me to keep a nice house. I have not had anybody in my life in the last few years because I was still getting over the death of my wife. It has been very hard for me to get close to others after seeing her wither away from the cancer. I think I am ready to try again. Besides it would be nice to help somebody to become who they are.

I look on this as a chance to find love again. We may not have it to begin with but who knows what will develop. I was scared of starting to date again but then again you have to take a chance so I did send in a reply.

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife -- Will's Story

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife – Will's Story


Lesley Renee Charles

I was skimming Craig's List, just to see if there was something new, when I caught the posting from a male to female transgendered person. She was in her early twenties and wanted to pose as a wife or companion to a man who was willing to pay for her transition. It intrigued me, I don't know why since I have always dated women but I was attracted to something in the ad.

I was also concerned that she would not get hurt. I decided that I would send in a response. I have always tried to be an open and kind person. I am secure in my maleness and am comfortable with the idea of being with any woman and I view her as a woman and not as a man, although she has a male body. I have been more attracted to a person's spirit. Besides I would love to help her become the person she was meant to be. I told her in my response, that I would love to help her become that woman without my putting any restrictions on it. I want her to be who she wants to be.

I am 29 years old. I guess I am fairly attractive as I have had a few relationships under my belt. I was raised to see women as equals and tend to respect them. I am not overly macho, but not effeminate either. I think that a man should be measured by his accomplishments and not how much he can bench-press. I have a job that pays well and that I love. I live in a comfortable house, which I take great care of.

I am looking for a relationship with a caring woman. I want someone to share the joys and defeats of live with. I want to be with someone that I can care for and who could care for me. I also want her to be secure in herself and be independent. As to physical looks, that is not very important other than she is comfortable with who she is. I have not been a man who subscribes to the bigger the boobs the better theory. I am more attracted to who a person is than what they look like.

Well, now I will just have to sit back and wait to see what happens.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife - Part 3

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife (Or How I Made It Through My Transition)


Lesley Renee Charles
Chapter 3
I decided to interview the neighbors of the 29 and the 30 year-olds since they lived in the same neighborhood. Their names respectively are Will Brenton and Charles Brantley. The neighborhood they lived in is a well-to-do community. I drove down the streets and looked up their addresses.

Will lived in a two-story sky-blue house with white trim and a wraparound porch. A well manicured lawn surrounded the house. Well taken care of shrubs and trees surrounded the house. The beautiful house seemed to welcome me.

To interview the neighbors I decided to pose as a poll taker. I walked up to the neigbor to the right's house and knocked on the door.

“Hello, I am Lesley and I am taking a survey on the overall satisfaction of this neighborhood. Can you tell me a little about your neighbors?”

“Well, Mr. Brenton, my next door neighbor is a very nice guy. Always says hello to me. He keeps his house to great standards. He works everyday at his job. He keeps a nice appearance. He has two cats who are delights. They usually stay in the house. I am very happy living here.”

“Thank you, for helping me out. Have a nice day.”

I then went to the other next door neighbor and got similar response. I will definitely keep Mr. Will Brenton in mind.

I drove down the next block, turned right and went down two streets and turned to the left. Mr. Charles Brantley's house was on the left. It too, is a beautiful stately house. It consisted of two-stories. The house is a lovely shade of dove grey with forest green trim. The windows had shutters of the same green. There was a small porch with wrought iron posts also painted in forest green. The lawn is also well manicured. The greenery surrounding the house is well cared for.

I decided to use the same ruse to get some information my his next door neighbors. I figured I would go to the left first this time. I walked up to the door and rang the bell.

“Hello, I represent the neighborhood satisfaction survey. My name is Lesley. Do you mind if I ask a few questions about your neighbors?”

“No problem. What would you like to know?”

“Can you tell me a little bit about Mr. Brantley?”

“Sure. It was such a tragedy when his wife died last year. She was such a sweet lady and he was so devoted to her. He pulled into his shell right after it. He is starting to come out of the depression now and back to his old self. He is friendly, loves to chat with his neighbors. As you can see he takes care of his house and property. He has a beautiful Siamese cat who he dotes on. He checks on his elderly neighbors to make sure they are all right. I am extremely satisfied living here.

“Thank you, for taking the time to answer my survey. Have a great day.”

I went to the other next door neighbor and got similar responses. I would definitely keep Mr. Charles Brantley on the short list. It was going to be hard to choose the right guy.

I drove back to my room and looked up Marc Foster with Google. I found some very helpful information. He lived in an older section of the town. It was in nice part of town. He and his ex-wife were pillars in their community. He had two grown kids, a son and daughter. I decided to go interview his neighbors and see what is what. I don't know if I want an older husband, but I will have to see what develops.

I drove to his neighborhood and looked up his residence. It was a single story ranch house. It was white with black trim. There was no porch. The lawn is well tended. The shrubs and trees could use a little trimming. It was a nice house, but I was not sure if it is what I want. Oh, well, let me see what I find out.

His house had only one next door neighbor. So I approached the neighbor's house. Yes, I was going to use a similar ruse to find out about Mr. Marc Foster. I rang the bell and waited.

“Hello my name is Lesley and I am taking a poll on how satisfied you are with your neighbors. Do you mind answering it?”


“How is Mr. Foster as a neighbor?”

“He is a great guy. I did not like his ex-wife though. She thought her crap didn't stink. He is a down to earth guy. He works everyday. He donates to many charities. He is concerned about keeping a safe community.”

“Thank you for answering the poll. Have a nice day.”

I would keep him in consideration too. I guess the next step is to meet them and see what develops.

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife - Part 2

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife (Or How I Made It Through My Transition)


Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 2
Several days later I decided to start checking the responses to my Craig's List advertisement.

“I am a 40 year-old married man, in need of some extra marital loving. I would like you to develop big breasts. Also you need a tiny waist and big hips. You can keep the cock since I would like you to become a big-breasted she-male slut.” Followed by his name and address.

“I am a 29 year-old man, single man who is looking for the right person. I don't care about how feminine you look other than looking like a normal woman. I want you to develop you body to what is comfortable for you. I like romantic dinners, walks along the beach. Snuggling and more. I need a companion to come home to, share my life with. As for SRS surgery, if you want it then you should have it, but I am comfortable with the idea of you keeping it.” Followed by his name and address.

“I am a 30 year-old widower. I lost my wife to cancer. I am lonely and need to share my life with someone. Sex is not necessary. I want you to develop you own body. I do not have unreal physical standards for you to live up to. I would love an intelligent mate, someone I can discuss all kinds of topics with. I would love to help you become the woman you were meant to be.” Name and address.

“I am a 40 something biker man. I would love for you to be my bimbo biker babe.” Name and address.

“I am a 50 year-old man, who is recently divorced. I am looking for the perfect lady to wine and dine.” Name and address.

These were the better of the batch of the ones local to me. Some of them were too far away. Some were just too plain degrading. I may be a woman but I am not just something to use and be done with.

My name is Lesley Leigh Smythe, well that is my femme name. My male name was Leslie Leigh Smythe. I know not very creative but I never had a problem with my name except for the spelling of Leslie. I don't like things with a lie in it.

I am trying to plan on what to say to the men. I think, from the way they sound that I will probably pick the 29 or the 30 year old. They sound reasonable. I really don't want to be a she-male slut. And the biker guy makes it sound like I may get into a little Sado-masochism or some light bondage or something.

The best thing I can do is try to do a little sounding out of these guys, all of them, and see if the book is different than the cover. I just do not want to get in the wrong relationship.