Monday, July 2, 2012

Act like a boy or else . . . Chapter 16

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 16


I had to get used to wearing the women's clothes. I also discovered make-up on a vanity in my new room which was redecorated along feminine lines.

My bodyguards came to fetch me after I was dressed in my new clothes, they also told me my dad instructed them to treat me like any other female and that he requested another meeting with me so he could tell me my new role. It occurred to me that I was now a female in my dad's eyes and wondered if he was going to give me the same treatment as Michelle. I hoped not because I knew that I was a man through and through.

My dad bid me to enter his suite.

“Sit Alec, I know you are wondering why I brought you back here. I see you are getting used to your new clothes and room. I have decided that from now on you are to dress and act like a female, but you will not become on, just treated as one. I have found and arranged a marriage for you to a man who wants you to be dressed and treated like a woman, but will still be male although your penis will be locked up in a chastity device. This will be done tomorrow as will your lessons in behaving like a woman. You will be the bottom in the relationship. You will meet your fiance in a week. I have his list of demands on how you are to behave and will instruct you later so that you comply to his wishes. Your role is to please your man. He wants you to behave as a traditional housewife and will be taught how to cook, clean and run the house.”

“Dad, I don't want to do this, I want to go back to being myself.”

“Sorry, daughter it is too late. Everybody here is going to treat you like to woman you are now, even if not physically. Your name is now Alice. I think that will suit you in your new life. Now I have to get ready because your sister Michelle is on her way.”

I was dismissed and went back to my room to ponder my fate.