Saturday, April 28, 2012

Act like a boy 6

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 6

After lying on my bed for a few minutes, I decided to explore my new bedroom.

I walked over to the vanity and gazed at the vast area of make-up and perfumes on the top. The cushion of the white chair was a very pale lilac, fitting in with the overall color scheme of the room.

I walked over the bureau and looked through the drawers. There was a wide variety of lingerie, skirts and tee shirts, more than was bought today. It made me wonder how long my father was planning this transformation for me. I really don't mind dressing as a woman, but I did resent the fact that a lot of the current decisions were forced on me. I think I need to talk to my father about his high-handed treatment of me.

I then went to the huge walk-in closet. There were a lot of dresses and skirted suit sets hanging in there. There was also about a hundred pairs of shoes there. None with less than a 3 inch heel though. I definitely have to talk to my father about that. Heels are very uncomfortably after a period of time and it would be nice to have a pair of flats or two, for comfort sake. Maybe if more men wore women's clothes they would appreciate all the torture women go through.

I noticed the photos of me throughout my childhood were displayed throughout the room. But there was something different about them. It took me a few seconds to realize that they were alter to show me as being raised as a girl. It seemed to me that my dear father was trying to eliminate all traces of Michael from existence.

I dread tomorrow when my first lessons on feminine behavior and deportment start. I had a small idea of what my father had in store for me and really did not want to be subjected to his exaggerated view of feminine behavior. I really was starting to dread my decision to wear the gaff. But the only alternative for me in this situation was to be a gay male bottom, which I feared may have been just as bad. I wonder if my dad had another room set up for me with that theme or did he only plan on me taking the female option?

I remember growing up with him and his trying to force me to be overly macho. He cringed every time I shed a tear. He tried to force me to play football, which I really abhorred. I was never what my dad would consider a typical boy. I was always on the quiet side. I preferred to play with girls as their quiet nature and ready acceptance of others was quite acceptable to me. I loved to play house with them and play with their dolls. Sometimes, I think it would have been better if I had a brother so that dad could have had his manly son and left me alone.

My father was always a very manly man. I think he resented the fact that his son was very effeminate. My dad was away from home a lot growing up, so that may explain why he had the time to set up this traditional male dominant group. Knowing his beliefs like I do, I dreaded how submissive I could end up.

My troop of men, came to get me to escort me to dinner for my first meal out of captivity. Well at least I was no longer caged. Or was I?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Act like a Boy 5

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 5

“Well my daughter, for that is what you are and what you will remain, I am the Master here. Your fate lies in my hands.”

“Dad, why have you done this to me your own flesh and blood son?”

“You were always a disappointment to me. You always acted girlish and had no interest in football, baseball and other manly pursuits. You also were a failure at picking up girls. I was deeply ashamed by your unmanly behavior. So I decided you would be my first experiment in my new order. I want to go back to when men were men and were the heads of the household. If a man cannot live up to that then he has a choice to be somewhat manly and be considered a gay bottom. If he can't make that cut then he will become a woman, legally as well as physically.”

“Does that mean that I cannot go back to being a man gay or otherwise?”

“That is what I mean my dear daughter. You will begin training to act like a woman from now on. Given your past behavior that shouldn't be too hard for you. You will learn all the tricks to running a home and keeping your man satisfied. I think you will make some man a great wife.”

“What if I don't want to marry a man? What if I am still attracted to women?”

“Don't make me laugh. I don't think you were ever attracted to women. I wish you would start to be honest with yourself, my dear girl. Your mother told be about your stash of Playgirl magazines, so I know that you are attracted to men. Your mother has also mentioned to me that she thinks you have gone through her lingerie. Also, you chose the gaff, no one made you wear it. You could have stopped your feminization at any time. You went along with it and I must say that you make quite a lovely woman.”

“You view women as less superior than men then?”

“No, I do not. It is my goal that if a physical born woman acts like a man, then she will become a he. You have met a few of them, as some of your escorts are female to male transformees.”

“So there is no hope for me to go back to being your son?”

“No, you are now my daughter in my mind and will be treated with the rights and respect due a woman. Now this conversation is finished. You will be taken back to your new bedroom. Also your new name is Michelle Marie Smith and you will never be called Michael Mark Smith again. As you can see I have feminized your old male name. Hope you like it Michelle, if not oh well.”

I was led back down the corridor to where my cage used to be. It was now a furnished bedroom, with a canopied bed. There was a vanity set in one corner. All the furniture was painted a very feminine white. The walls were painted in a lilac color. The bed was covered with a lavender bedspread.

I threw myself on the bed and started to cry. I could not believe that my own father betrayed me like this. I knew I was a disappointment to him as he was a very masculine man, but to go so far and feminize me into his daughter. I wondered how far he was going to take it. I wondered if I could find a way out of this horrible situation.

Yes, to be truthful to myself, I did try on my mother's clothes and found I loved the feel of them. I also am attracted to men. I did not know that my father knew this, but now I can see that maybe that fueled his plans for me.

I guess my dad feels if you can't have the masculine son you want turn him into your very feminine daughter.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Act like a Boy 4

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 4

My male escorts arrived at the Salon and were very pleased with the start of my transformation. They were starting to treat me more like a woman than before.

“You are coming along quite nicely and are quite beautiful. Now it is time to start getting you a wardrobe more in line with your new look, Princess.”

I wish they would stop calling me that. I was starting to think that they meant more by that than I could ever imagine.

The guys surrounded me again and lead me back into the corridor and turned right and started walking down towards a brighter lit area. It looked like a shopping complex to me. I really was wondering how far their hidden enclave extended and why did they need it at all. My curiosity was far from being satisfied, but I hoped that I could start finding the answers soon. I wondered why I was captured, transformed and being held here in a secret hideout.

As we neared the shopping area, I could make out all kinds of stores, men's clothing, hardware stores, bookstores, music stores, supermarkets and finally our destination, a ladies' clothing store.

They led me inside, explaining to the store manager who I was and what was needed before they dashed out of the store.

“Miss, I think we will start with getting you a few sets of panties and bras. I know what to get you since the Master has already decided that you are to be a very feminine girl. All satins and laces for you my dear. We have your sizes already as the salon called ahead. Here is a fine selection of different colors and styles for you to choose from.”

There were all kinds of pastel colors, lilacs, lavenders, sky blues, sea greens, pale yellows, creamy whites and last but not least pinks.

I chose a few pairs from all the colors, somehow I figured I would have to be able to coordinate my lingerie with my clothes.

After we got the start of my lingerie sorted out, I was led to the skirts section. I was told that the Master wanted me to have a mid-thigh to knee length. He did not want me to show too much leg but he also did not want me to be modest. There were all kinds of styles and colors to choose from.

I chose a few black, beige and cream colored neutrals first. I figured I could combine these with a lot of different style blouses. I also picked a few blues and lilac colored ones, with blue being one of my favorite colors.

Next came blouses, and then the dresses. I chose several different colors and styles from each. Then came the part I was dreading, stockings and then shoes. I was told that the Master wanted me to wear stockings and garter belts. So I was shown a very feminine selection to choose from. I was then told to put on one of my new garter belts and slide the straps through my panties. A silky smooth set of lilac stockings to match my lingerie were slipped on my legs. I rolled them up and hooked them to the garters. I picked several pairs of stockings matching my lingerie choices.

I was then told I could not have a heel length of less than two inches but three was preferred. I chose several pairs of black and white pumps for now. A black pair was slipped onto my feet and I was made to practice walking in them. After about ten minutes, I could walk on them without wobbling too drastically.

Then put on a lilac colored blouse and black skirt and was ready when my guys showed up.

“We have orders to take you to the Master now, so that he can approve your new look.”

We went back out to the corridor, I noticed that they did not restrain my hands this time. We proceeded down the corridor going towards the darker end of the tunnel. I really had to try to walk slowly with my new heels, also I tended to lean on the two guys on my sides. I think they loved the idea of having a lovely girl lean on them for support.

Finally we came to a lavish set of solid walnut doors with stained glass windows. There were a pair of guards in front.

“We have orders from His Majesty, the Master to show our captive's new look.”

We were allowed inside. It was a lavishly appointed suite of rooms filled with heavy antique furniture. I was escorted into a study, where a familiar figure was waiting.

“Dad, what are you doing here?” I asked.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Act like a Boy Chapter 3

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 3

I reached into the bag with the pink gaff. I then pushed my small testes back into my abdomen and pushed my small penis back and slid the gaff up my legs and into position.

The first thing I noticed after put this on was how flat I now looked.

My male captors entered the area where I was being kept.

“Looks like we got us a new girl, boys!”

“We are going to have to set up her bedroom. I think Lilac and white will do it.”

“Okay Princess it is time to get you to the beauty salon and then get you a nice girly wardrobe. No pants for you anymore sweetheart. From this moment on, you are not considered a man to us but a woman and will be treated that way from now on. Your only goal in life now is to please us men and live the life of a pampered girl.”

They entered my cage and told me to hold out my arms which they bound with a pink satin ribbon to reemphasize my femininity. They taunted me about how feminine I now looked. I was then escorted out of the cage and back into the stone hallway.

We turned in the opposite direction than when we went to the court yesterday. It was still dark and musty. They escorted me down the corridor, which after about a mile was starting to get better lit with more wall sconces.

At the end of the corridor we came to a brightly lit room which I could see was set up as a very feminine beauty parlor.

“Is this the new girl?”

“Yes, are you ready to start her transformation into a very feminine girl?”

“Yes, all set up. I guess the first step should be to get rid of all that ugly hair permantly. How extensive do you want it?”

“The Master wants nothing below the eyebrows. He doesn't want her to ever think of herself as a man.”

I was given a glass of wine to drink after being told it would help me relax. I was escorted by my captors to the back of the salon where the electrolysis equipment was set up. It was then I finally realized that I never could go back to who I was. I started to struggle to escape my desperate situation. It was really futile. First off, my arms were well secured, secondly the guys were very muscular and very quickly had me secured to the table.

“Now behave yourself Princess, we will be back in a few hours. Master is going to decide on your new name.”

The technician came over to the equipment and started piercing my skin with the needle.

“First we will start on the facial hair. That sedative in the wine should start having an effect on you shortly.”

I proceeded to black out.

When I awoke, I realized I was quite hairless from the eyebrows down. I was told that in another few weeks I would have another session and few more after that to make sure they got all the hair.

I was escorted to a private room and given a pair of lilac satin and lace panties to wear. I slid them up over the gaff. I still could not get over how feminine my crotch now looked.

“I am now going to glue these breast forms on you. They should stay put for a few days. You are a lucky girl you will be a C cup.”

Her words sent a shiver up my back. I was now past the moment of no return. I had no idea what my captors were up to. I was starting to fear that I was going to be a toy to them though. I wondered who this Master was and what was his nefarious plans for me.

The glue felt wet and cold and I was told to hold the breasts in place for a few moments will the glue set. After that I released them feeling the strange weight now on my chest. She went to get the matching bra and had me put that on. I glanced in the mirror and gazed at my new feminine shape.

I was led to the beautician's chair and strapped in so that I could not escape. A nail technician came over and started to give me ½ inch extensions. She decided to do my nails in a lavender shade to compliment my lingerie. The hair technician got out hair extensions that matched my hair color exactly.

“The Master wants you to have long hair sweetie. We don't want to disappoint him, do we?”

While she was working on my hair, I wondered how I ever got in this mess and how was I going to get out. I wondered why it was a crime not to act masculine if you were a guy. I really liked being a guy, just not a macho one. I liked being a gentle guy, but I guess that is what got me into this mess. As these more permanent procedures were being done to me, I realized that I was going to have to get used to being a more feminine girl. The Master, I can't wait to meet him, really wanted to eliminate any signs of maleness in me.

After my hair was styled and set, the technician started to work on my make-up.

“Don't worry about what I am doing now, tomorrow you will start having lessons on how to do your own make-up and hair. This is just to give you a more feminine appearance for when you go shopping later.”

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today, I am mourning the loss of my cat, Celeste.  She was a wonderful joy to me and I miss her terribly.  She was a great source of love.  She was a very determined cat and I am going to miss the battles of her jumping in the basket of freshly laundered clothes.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife Part 5

I Was A Craig's List Trophy Wife – Part 5

by Lesley Renee Charles

Will telephoned me that night, requesting a date. We decided that since the next day was Saturday we would have a picnic in the park. He told me that he would pick me up at my house and drive me to the park. He sounded like such a gentleman. He also said that he would stop at a restaurant that had great barbecued chicken and cole slaw and get it packed up. He told me that all I had to worry about was looking beautiful and he said that should not be too hard for me to do.

I went to bed at a reasonable time, trying to plan what I should wear. I wanted to make a great impression for our first date, yet did not want to wear an outfit that would get ruined by grass stains and/or greasy chicken. I was looking forward to meeting Will as I liked how he sounded over the phone and in his e-mails.

After waking, I took a quick shower using Dove body wash. I love using Dove because it makes my skin feel so nice and soft and it also has a nice soft scent to it. I washed my hair then dried it with my dryer and put it in a pony tail so that it would stay out of my face.

I decided to wear a tee shirt with an illustration of a kitty on it. I teamed this with a mid thigh length denim skirt. I put on a pair of ankle socks and white Keds sneakers. I thought I looked casual enough and it definitely felt comfortable.

I went into my kitchen and got a cup of coffee and a toasted bagel to eat for breakfast. I knew that this would take the edge off of my appetite. Now I just had to wait for Will.

Will arrived right on time. He came up to my door and rang my bell.

“Hi, you must be Will? Nice to meet you. You look very handsome.”

“Hi Lesley, I am looking forward to this day with you. You are even more beautiful in person.”

Will escorted me to the car and helped me in. He is such a gentleman, I wish there were more men like him around. Believe I have dated a fair share of duds.

When we arrived at the park, we decided to take a stroll through the rose garden, which was just starting to bloom. There were all colors of roses, red, pink, white, yellow and purple. They were all beautiful.

“Do you have a favorite flower, Lesley?”

“I love roses, lilacs the best, but I love most flowers.”

“Would you like to eat here by the roses? I think it is quite a lovely spot.”

“I agree it is very beautiful here. Yes, I think I would love to eat here.”

Will placed the blanket he was carrying on the ground and placed the basket of food in the center. I reached into the basket and pulled out the chicken and cole slaw. He also got some corn on the cob and potato salad. The food looked very delicious and I could not wait to dig into it.

There was a delightful, cool breeze blowing that made for a pleasant day. The sun was shining bright in the cerulean sky.

The birds were making beautiful music in the trees. I was being pulled into the magic of a beautiful day as well as enjoying my time with a wonderful man.

“When did you know that you were a girl, Lesley?”

“I guess I knew since I was a toddler. I never wanted to do boy things. I wanted dolls, tea set and beautiful dresses to wear. I used to give my parents a lot of trouble about wearing suits, playing with cars and trucks. I really hated playing with boys, especially the rough and tumble games. I preferred reading a book by myself or playing dolls with the neighborhood girls.

“What about you?”

“I was the opposite of you then. I loved the competition of playing with the other boys. I loved my cars, trucks and toy guns. I loved playing the hero who rescued the damsel in distress.”

The conversation just flowed as we got to know each other better. I enjoyed just sitting there in the midst of a beautiful garden. We told each other our life stories and got quite comfortable with each other.

As the sun started to set, we packed up the equipment and headed back to the car. We were both sorry to see it end.

“Lesley, would you like to go out with me again?”

“I would love to go out with you again. I had a wonderful time today.”

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Act like a Boy Part 2

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 2

“You will have a choice to make tomorrow. If you choose to act more manly then the sentence will be vacated, but if you choose to continue on the path you are now, you will undergo the sentence. Lead him back to his cell so that he can think about his decision. Your fate is now in your hands, choose wisely.”

The group of men led me back to my caged cell and threw me in it. Before leaving me they unbound my hands and removed my gag. I was terrified of what lay ahead of me. I wished that I could go back to just a few days ago when I thought I had it all under control.

I knew that I did not really want to do what the group that held me captive wanted me to do to be considered a man. I was not into team sports, especially with the slender build that I had. I was not interested in cars and machines. I wondered why was it wrong for a man to be effeminate if that was who he was. Why did I have to act a certain way to be considered a man. I know that my father and brothers were disappointed in the fact that I did not act macho. I just wanted to be me and did not think that it is wrong for a man to be sensitive and in touch with his feelings.

I guess I have been a quiet dreamer all of my life. I liked to enjoy the beauty of roses and the other flowers in bloom. I loved to smell the fragrance of fresh cut grass. I enjoyed the gurgling of a water fall or the babbling of a brook. Maybe this may make me seem like less of a man, compared to the macho males that were presently holding me captive. I did not know if I wanted to be a girl either. I did not really believe I wanted to live like a woman, but I did want to continue to do the things I loved to do. I just really wondered why mankind was really hung up on what constitutes a man and why if somebody did not follow those guidelines was it considered a serious crime. I was being held hostage by a group of men who followed those guidelines and wanted to force me to fall in line with the stereotypical male behavior. I felt that I was all man even though I had a more sensitive albeit maybe a feminine nature, but did that make me less of a man.

An hour later, one of my captors returned carrying two bags.

“These bags each contain an article of clothing. You are to put on the article of clothing that fits with what you decide to do. You are to be wearing it when we come back. What happens tomorrow all depends on what you are wearing.”

The first bag contained a blue jock strap. The other one held a pink dancer's gaffe. I knew that this second article of clothing was used to hide the male genitals, hence it was to show my decision to be a lady.

I went to sleep after looking into the bags. Upon wakening I reached into the bag and put on . . .

I left this as a cliffhanger. I plan on writing it both ways, but if I get enough comments about either path I will write that one first.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Act Like a Boy or Else . . .

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

I was walking down a tree covered lane, enjoying the fine early spring day. The dogwoods were all in bloom along the way scenting the street with their delicate fragrance. Their pink and white blossoms were glistening like jewels in the late afternoon sunset. I was enjoying my time alone when I felt rough hands grab me by my mouth. Another pair of hands held a rag with some sweet smelling substance under my noise. I started to feel to dizzy as I lost consciousness.

When I came to I was in a cage, naked as the day I was born. It was pitch dark except for a few dim torches on the rough, rock walls. I had no idea where I was, what time it was or why I was here.

A small group of muscular, young guys, obviously played some kind of sports entered into the cavern where I was caged up in. They came up to my cage, one was holding a few strips of pink ribbons. He told me turn around with my back facing him and my arms behind my back. I quickly did what he said so that I could find out what was going on. He unlocked the cage door and quickly tied one of the ribbons around my wrists and tied them tightly. I realized there was no way for me to untie them without any aid. He told me to open my mouth, and while it was he placed the other ribbon in my mouth then proceeded to tie it around my head, forming a gag.

He then told me to exit the cage, and walk between him and one of the other guys. The rest walked behind us, so that I was unable to try to escape.

I was led down a long, dark, dank hallway, and into a room which looked like a court room. There was a bench in the front where another muscular guy sat.

I was marched to the front of the bench and made to stand there. I was starting to get very terrified about what might happen next.

“Court is now in session. Is the prisoner ready to hear his charges and sentence now?”

Prisoner, did he mean me and what was going to happen to me?

Nervously, I nodded my head. Afraid to find out what was going to be dealt to me.

“You are charged with acting effeminately. This is an affront to being a male. Read me the list of pertinent behaviors.”

Another man got up and started reading from a sheet of paper. “Walking with a feminine sway to his butt. Holding his hands in a limp wristed fashion. High pitched voice. All his friends are girls.”

“That is enough to start with.” The judge interrupted to reading of the charges. “I am ready to pass judgment on the condemned.”

“You are sentenced to be dressed, act like and be a girl until the time you start behaving like a boy. You will be taken to a salon, where you will under laser treatment to read you of your body hair. Your ears will be pierced, your brows willed be thinned and you will learn how to apply make-up. Then you will be taken to a lingerie shop where you will receive your new undergarments. Then taken to a dress shop where you will receive your dresses, skirts and blouses. You are not to wear pants or any other item that may be perceived as male until otherwise directed. Your family has been notified of this proceeding and agree to the terms.”

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I was thinking today how I would have loved being a girly girl if I was allowed.  I wanted to have dolls and tea sets.  I remember that I did have a Dawn doll which I absolutely loved and a Dawn doll colorform set when I was 3.  I also vaguely remember my older brother trying to get me to play with my toy cars and trucks more, but I was not really interested in them.  When my younger brother came along, I was forced to play with more male oriented toys.  I did prefer floral printed sheets and blankets which my younger brother was forced to accept.