Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hi I am back.

I have a new laptop and found a way to long onto this blog.  Have to do it through ie explorer.  I also have a blog now on tumblr.  I am doing well.  I am trying to stick to a low sodium diet and lose some weight I had gotten it  down to 192 but it is back up.  Joined a gym where I will do cardio/aerobic exercises per doctor's orders.  I had him yell at me for not sticking to a diet.  I am now not working and collecting disability.  I enjoy it, because now I can do what I want without a doctor's appointment.  Hope everyone who reads this is fine.  I am going to try to update this more often.  This is the only place where I can be who I really am.  Take care.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Summary of the latest.

Had the procedure down May 13 and it went well.  I am still healing from it but it is healing well.  I have to see the doctor June 13 to cut my hours at work down to 20 hours per week so I can apply for disability.  I need the guaranteed income to live and since I have Congestive Heart Failure I could get it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Latest news

Went to the specialist today. He is going to implant the defibulator at the beginning of May. Good news is it needs only one wire. It will be a one day surgery at least. My infarction rate is about 20% and is not up to where they would be happy.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Very Special Valentine

A Very Special Valentine

by Lesley Renee Charles

I was getting ready for a date with my favorite Valentine, Ciaran. We were getting real close since Christmas where I quite literally crashed in front of his house. He let me stay there for at least a week. I discovered that he was a sweet man, the first man I ever dated as I was just discovering myself and who I wanted to be. It did help that he loved us special girls albeit I was just starting on my journey. This did not phase him a bit.

I was on my way to the lingerie store to buy something special for the time after the date. We were quite close now, I enjoyed being with him as he made me feel special. My family was still trying to come to terms with me. We were at least on talking terms now, my father finally realizing that he could not make a man out of me through force or browbeating. Luckily for him, I had an older brother, so he had a manly man son to be proud of. My mother was happy because she finally got a daughter in me, since she had complications after my birth and was unable to have more children. Of course, she wanted me to be more girly than I was. I liked skirts and such, but in small doses. Ciaran wanted me to be myself, express my femininity in my own way. Did I say I was falling for him.

He wanted to take me out to a special dinner tonight, wanting to discuss whether to go on long time. I was hoping he would ask me to date him long term. I felt like I had met my soul mate and was glad for that accident in the snow storm. It brought a wonderful man in my life and I was ready to see where it would go.

While I was out shopping I thought I would get a special outfit for tonight, for the dinner itself. I wanted to find something that I knew Ciaran would like but yet express myself.

I went from dress store to dress store when I finally found the perfect dress for tonight. It hugged my padded curves nicely, I could not wait for the hormones to start filling out my curves. I had finally started them after I got home for the New Year. It was a red cashmere knit dress that felt absolutely divine. It flattered me very well, and my current auburn hair color. I admit I change my hair color as the mood hits, sorry but I am young and foolish.

Now I had the dress, I had to find the perfect shoes to go with it. Should I get red or black heels? Flats? I started to hit the shoe stores looking for the right pair. I found a pair of red velvet flats that perfectly matched the dress.

I went to the lingerie store last, where I found the perfect black and red lace teddy. I could customize it if I wanted with a little heart over the crotch. I decided to take a chance and get Ciaran's girl. Hope he likes it.

I rushed to get home so I could take my time getting ready for tonight. Make myself special for that special guy. I took a nice leisurely bubble bath, lavender scented, which made me feel very feminine. I checked to make sure, my legs were nice and smooth. The rest I had lasered, so I knew that was good. Thankfully my legs were fine. I rubbed my hand down caressing the feel of the smooth skin. I washed my hair in the sink, wrapping the towel turban styled to let my long hair dry. I decided to set it in an updo. I figured that would look sophisticated and would suit the style of the dress.

I next sorted out my underwear, choosing on a set of red lace. I slipped on the panties, making sure I was tucked and out of the way. I couldn't wait for the day when I no longer had the problem and yes Ciaran was okay with it if I decided to have the surgery. He sad that it was my decision not his, and would love me either way. Didn't I say the guy was a keeper?

I then rolled up a pair of nude thigh high stockings. I loved the way they hugged my legs. I thought my legs were my best feature. I felt my face left a lot to be desired, of course, the man in my disagreed with me. He always called me beautiful, of course I thought he was delusional, but it still felt great. I then put my new shoes on before slipping the dress over my head.

I finished getting ready by putting on my war paint and then setting my hair. Just in time as I heard a knock on my door.

Hello beautiful. You take my breath away. That dress looks wonderful on you.”

Hello Ciaran, I had hoped you would like it, I bought it for tonight.”

Speaking of which, are you ready to go?”

I acquiesed and he escorted me to his car, and helped me in. He got in and started the engine. He drove until he came to one of the most expensive restaurants in town. Also one of the more romantic ones also.

He let the valet park the car as we walked to the main doors.

I have reservations for Miller.”

Right this way Sir, Madam.”

We were escorted to a table in a quiet secluded section of the restaurant. I wondered, briefly, if he had arranged this.

We sat down and ordered drinks, Sweet Tea for me and a Coke for him. The waiter went off to get the drinks. We made small talk, catching up on each other's day. It seemed to me he was nervous about something.

We ordered our meals, continuing with the small talk. All of a sudden Ciaran gave the waiter a signal. A plate was placed in front of me, with a small box on it.

Will you be my wife?”

Yes, I will, you make me so happy.”

Friday, February 1, 2013

Gender bender.

Here is a cute little video clip of m2f and f2m, sort of.  Hope you enjoy it.


Andrews Sisters

The Andrews Sisters are one of my favorite music groups.  I just found out today, that Patty Andrews, the Blonde lead singer, died Wednesday at the age of 94.  Here is a video of her and her late sisters from the mid '40's.


Monday, January 28, 2013

New Taylor Jordan story of Fictionmania.

Master Chirenon, I don't know if you know it but Taylor Jordan posted a new part to Nikki's story.  I am going to have to take time and start reading it all over again to refresh it in my mind.  Hope you enjoy it as you have stated that it is among your favorite stories.