Sunday, May 27, 2012

Act like a boy 15

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 15


I grew up watching Mike my younger brother being miserable. He was always very girly and I knew that he should have been born a girl. He prefered playing with girl toys and was almost always hanging out with the girls in the neighborhood as long as my dad was not around. My dad wanted his sons to be all boys and be tough and aggressive. I was all boy in most things and loved to play sports but my mom also taught me to respect women and girls and treat them as I would any person, and not treat them like second-class citizens.

I grew up and started working at my dad's company. He treated me all right but I hated the way that he treated Mike. My dad was constantly trying to force Mike to be a guy. I could see that Mike tried to give my dad what my dad wanted but his heart was not in it. I tried to encourage Mike to be Michelle and to be happy. I loved my brother and if he would be happier as my sister then I was fine with that.

About a year or so ago, I noticed my father was starting to act strange. He was gone for long periods of time. He really started to treat my mom like nothing more than an object that was there to satisfy his needs. I really started to hate him for that. He treated Mike just like he treated mom, so I was starting to suspect something.

Then about a week or so ago, Mike disappeared and my dad was not concerned about that. I wondered what my dad was up to. I was suspicious that he knew what happened to Mike. A few days after Mike disappeared my dad moved us to this underground bunker. My dad was now treated like a king. He had all kinds of young studs around him. The few women and girls there were there were treated like servants and nothing more. My dad had always believed that women belonged in the home taking care of the man in her life.

A few days after we moved into the bunker, I ran into a beautiful girl who looked familiar to me. After a few minutes I recognized my new sister, Michelle. She looked so happy and she reassured me she was although Dad was forcing her to do this. I liked the results but hated his methods. I decided to see him about some financial irregularities I had discovered.

I marched into his office and confronted him about it. What I didn't realize was that he knew I found out about his embezzling and had changed the books. He ambushed me and made me dress as a woman. He told me that was because he knew I was curious about it, but I knew he was lying. He told me that I better get used to it, because he wanted me to be a sissy for a little while. While I was there, he had someone convincing my girlfriend to dump me, that I wanted to bottom to men and that I was really a homosexual and that my dad was having me dress as a girl to learn my proper place.

I got back to my room and saw that all my clothes were changed into the female equilivent. I realized that my dad was out to transform me like he transformed my brother/sister. I only hope that I could find a way not to surrender.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Act like a boy 14

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 14

As the woman who was once my father was saying all this, I could not help but feel skeptical of her insights and motivations. I felt like she was saying these things but did not mean what she said.

“If your children's well being was so important to you, why did you make my journey into womanhood one way? What would have happended if I did not like it and wanted to go back to being a man?”

“Hmph, you were never much of a man my dear. You were always such a sissy. I was ashamed to be your father. If I had my way I would have sent you to military school. They would have made a man out of you or killed you in process.

“I always tried to convince you that you had it better being a man. But you insisted on acting like a girl and now see what it gets you. I was kind of hoping that you would have opted to go the man route. I was so ready to convert you into a gay bottom. I would love to have seen you dressed as a twink bottom at the mercy of a more dominant male top. Matter of fact you would have still been partnered with the man I have in mind to be your husband. He is bisexual so it would not matter either way.

“Besides I never said I was doing it for your well being. But I see you see through like you always did. You are too much like your mother.”

“Thank you, I will take that as a compliment.”

“I may go the gay male bottom route with Alec as his real punishment. Convince him that he is gay and submissive to men. That may take a lot of his cockiness out of him. You know he is totally straight and had no curiousity about being a woman. I lied to you about that.”

Out of the corner of my eye I could see my mother standing there listening to what my erstwhile father was saying. She walked over to my father and slapped him hard across the face.

“You Bastard or is that Bitch now that you are in your original body. Must say I like the look. I will not have you do to Alec what you are planning. Michelle, I had no problems with because she was always a girl even though you tried to beat that out of her.”

“You always did try to make a sissy out of Michael. You should have encouraged him to be a male since it is so much better to be a male.”

“For that comment, I am glad that they threw out the male restorative for you. There is no going back to the man you were. Matter fact I just texted them to throw out all of the male serum. There is no more available right now, so welcome to womanhood. Ha Ha Ha.”

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Act like a boy 13

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 13

After about fifteen minutes, my dad started to regain consciousness.

“I feel strange. What did you do to me Michelle?”

“I just gave you a taste of your own medicine, Dad or should I say Mom?”

My dad got up and walked over to a mirror and gave out a piercing scream.

“Michelle, let me see what you injected me with.”

I handed my dad the bottle.

“Oh my God, that is my original DNA. You have given me back the body I had 20 years ago.”

“What do you mean Dad? Weren't you always a male?”

“I was born a female, Michelle. Like you I always felt that I was born the wrong sex. In my case, I always wanted to be a boy. I grew up looking like a butch lesbian which is what I was. I met your mother who is bisexual, but gravitated more to women and we fell in love. I always wanted to play football, so when I went to college, I lied and told them I was a guy so that I could play it. I bound my breasts and stuck a sock in a tight pair of briefs and got away with it. I became very good at the sport. I was always very masculine acting and was easily accepted as a bloke.

“Your mother was always the more feminine one. After I graduated college I went to work for your grandfather in his pharmaceutical lab. I made the discovery of the two serums you know about. One day I decided to test the male formula on myself and become the man you know as your father. But before injecting myself I made the back up formula with my original DNA, which you now have injected me with. Boy, will your mother be surprised and pleased she did like me better like this.

“I will have to stay like this until my body stabilizes. I guess I did get too caught up in exhibiting typical male behavior. I am very sorry that I got too caught up in that male chauvenistic behavior. Thank you for trying to help me out, but please next time don't just inject people with substances you don't know about, you could have killed me.

“As for Alec, maybe I should have explained to you that he is denying that he has some attraction to men and to women's clothes. I realize now that he don't like wearing women's clothes and will take that off. I will talk to him about his feelings for other males and encourage him to explore that side.

“I realize that I came down heavy on all of you, but especially you Michelle. I really did not want for you to go through what I did so I tried to force masculinity on you. Are you happier now? If so, I would like to help you to develop into a fine young woman. Besides you will have to help me develop my feminine side for the next month or so. Deal?”

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Act like a boy 12

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 12

I am on my way to the medical suite to be injected with the female serum. I am looking forward to the transformation. I assume that it is to be a slow process what with my DNA being changed. It was my understanding, and this is from what the doctor told me, that the serum changes all my Y chromosomes to an X by adding the missing piece. This ensures that my personality will not be changed so who I am now will be who I will be when finished. The only thing different will be my physical sex.

I also formulated a plan to take care of my dad. I think he needs a shot of the female juice to see what it is like for the other half and then maybe he will have a better appreciation of females and the way they are treated. I planned on swiping some of the serum when the doctor's back was turned and since I had a meeting with my dad later today, inject him with it. I hoped that this would give him an understanding of women through firsthand knowledge.

I made into the doctor's office and took a seat in the waiting room. While waiting there, I planned in my head what I will do. I know that my father may be quite upset with me, but I prayed and hoped that he would forgive me. I know that this a drastic undertaking but if my father is left unchecked he could do a lot of damage to the way society is.

I was called into the office and set down. The doctor asked me if I still wanted to proceed forward. I readily replied that I was indeed ready and willing. He rolled up my sleeve and swabbed my arm with alcohol to sterilize it.

I watched him reach into the cabinet, which I noticed he did not keep locked, and pull out a pink labeled bottle. There were lots of both blue and pink labeled bottles, so I figured out that a pink label was for the female transformation and the blue label was for the male.

The doctor then picked up one of the syringes lying on the table next to me. He then filled the syringe with the serum and injected it into my arm. I felt a slight prick and after a few minutes I started to feel a warm flush.

“Your changes will take about a week, but in a few days you should start to notice a few changes. For example your penis will start to shrink and then start changing into a vagina. You will also notice your breasts start developing.”

“Doctor, there is an emergency and you are needed in Room 5!” The medical assistant yelled.

“I will be back in a few minutes. I need you to stay here for about an hour so that I can make sure there are no complications.” He said as he left me alone in the room.

Now was my chance. Getting up carefully as I still felt a little woozie, I reached into the medical cabinet and grabbed a pink labeled bottle from the back so that it would take a while for the doctor to notice one was missing. I saw that there were syringes in there too, so I grabbed one of them too.

My handbag was lying on the top of the counter so I quickly put the bottle and syringe in there and made it back to the exam table. Just in time as I heard the door open and the doctor reentered the room.

After staying there for another hour the doctor told me to go back to my room and to try to rest as much as possible for the next day.

I made back to my room and decided to nap until 7 pm which was when I was scheduled to see my father. I did hope I could get him to relax Alec's punishment but I doubted he would go for it. While he was fuming I would quickly inject him and hopefully he would not realize what I had done. I decided it would be quicker if I had the needle all ready to go so I took care of that. I also put some of my cotton squares and a bottle of rubbing alcohol in my bag. I was ready to go.

I made my way down to my father's suite and he admitted me.

“Dad, is there anyway you could stop the humiliation of Alec? I am sure that he has learned his lesson.”

“NO! And one more word from you about and he will learn how to live as a pretty delicate girl.”

I wisely kept my mouth shut as my dad started his tirade about ungrateful children who treated their parents with disrespect. While he was flailing his arms in my face I took my spportunity and injected him.

All of a sudden he passed out as I noticed him rapidly change into a young, beautiful woman.

What did I do? It wasn't supposed to happen that fast.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Act like a boy 11

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 11

I made it back to my room with mixed feelings. On one hand, I was glad that I was going to have the body I always wanted, but at the same time, I was wondering why did my father want it permanent for me? Was it out of love for me, that he wanted what was best for me or was it just another way for him to control me? I did hope it was more out of the first but feared that it was more from the latter.

I was also worried about Alec. I knew that he must be deeply humiliated to be dressed like the way he was. I wondered what happened to get him into that mess and I wondered if I could try and talk to my father to get him to change his mind regarding Alec's punishment.

Upon arriving back in my room, I sent Max to my father's suite with a request for an audience. I found out that this was the only way I could see him unless he requested me. I guess my father set himself up as a king, but he is going to have to mellow out a little bit if he don't want to lose his supporters, especially those of the female persuasion.

I decided to change into a more casual skirt and t-shirt combination so that I could unwind from the crazy hectic day I had. I also had to start my fasting for the procedure tomorrow so all I could have was water and jello. I picked up my phone and called the dining room to request that some be brought to my room.

There was a knock at the door. I opened it to see Alec there.

“Can we talk, sis?”

“Sure, bro. Are you still my bro?”

“I may look like a guy in a dress, but I can assure you that dad has no thoughts of changing his oldest son. He decided to have you become a girl because that is always how you acted and also mom convinced him that it was in everybody's best interests. She told him that Michael would never be what you consider a man to be.”

“Alec, how are you holding up? Do you want me to try to reason with dad?”

“You can try. I am getting an idea of what a woman has to go through worrying about skirts. Heels are torture. I definitely am going to treat my girlfriend way better.”

“I am so glad to hear that Alec. I am also so glad that you are not extreme like dad.”

“How could I be with mom's loving guidance. She did not want to turn out brutish sons. She tried to keep us away from dad as much as possible and under the influence of gentlemen.”

“What happnened to get you in this situation?”

“I found out that there was some funny business in the books and tried to get dad to surrender control to me. I did not realize that in the meantime he covered it so that I had nothing to blackmail him with. He decided to take me down a peg so for the next three months, I am to dress and be treated like a woman. I have also been demoted to a secretary. Actually I will be dad's secretary for the time being. If I misbehave in anyway then he will extend the time. He just does not want my body altered like he has scheduled for you. I think he is planning something big and you are going to be a good part of it.”

“I think you are quite right, Alec. That is what scares me. I think he has arranged a political marriage for me to further his agenda.”

“Well Michelle, I have to go now, I am getting hungry. Rest and I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow. I love you and do not want anything bad to happen to you.”

“Take care, Alec.”

With that he left me to rest and prepare for tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Act like a boy 10

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 10

Upon entering the classroom I noticed besides the instructor I was the only other person there. Guess there are not too many women in my father's kingdom. No surprise there. We need to get my father into the new millennium.

The instructor introduced herself as Penny Brown and begin her lecture. I could see that I was not the only one who did not like this topic. I could tell her heart was not in it.

The lecture made as much impression on me as rain on glass. Finally it was over and I was preparing to leave when Ms. Brown called me over.

“I see he is transforming one of his own sons.”

“Yes, but I was transgendered to begin with so I wanted this change. Of course, I don't agree with his views of women and wish he could soften it up.”

“I am glad for you. This change is not what I wanted and I would like to go back to being a male. He makes sure that I am the submissive one with a strong man. I would love to get my hands on the other serum.”

“I can see what I can do. I know what gender dysphoria can do to you.”

“See you tomorrow for the next session. What do you have next?”

“Lessons on makeup and hair. My dad wants me to be girly-girl.”

My guys came to escort me to the next lessons. I asked them if there was a way I could get a message to my brothers. I was seriously afraid for them.

I was told that I would see them for lunch in an hour.

My mind was barely on my lessons as I was distracted by worrying about my older brother. I was afraid that he was meeting my dad and was in serious trouble.

* * * * *

I was seated at a table for lunch when I saw Alec walk in. He was wearing a skirt and blouse. But that was all, he looked very much a man in women's clothes.

“Alec what happened?”

“Dad is making me wear women's clothes until I come to my senses. If I cross him one more time, it is the female serum for me. I have got to get back to male clothes. But if he catches me in them, it is a trip to womanhood for me. By the way, he wanted me to tell you that you are scheduled for the serum tomorrow and for you he is making it irreversable. You be a woman forever.”

“That doesn't bother me, what bothers me is his old-fashioned notions. I have got to find a way to mellow him out and get things back to normal.”

“I will help you as much as I can Michelle, but I think he will keep a sharp eye on me and our younger brother.”

“Alec, I promise I will not let him change you against your will. Even if I have to give the serum to him instead.”

We finished lunch and then I was off again to see the physician. I realize that now he is getting me ready for the serum tomorrow. I cannot wait to become the woman I was meant to be.

“Michelle, your father has okayed you for the serum tomorrow. Let me explain what it does. It changes your DNA to what it would have been if you were born female. You will slowly loose your male features as it starts to work. It will change your body over to female. You will lose your male genitals as they switch over to the female ones. You will be fully functional as a female when it is done. Your father has also told me to make it permanent which I have done. You will be unable to use the male serum. If you try to it may kill you.”

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Act like a boy 9

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 9

The next morning I awoke early and went to take a shower in my private bathroom. Then I went to get dressed. “What to wear for my first day of lessons.” I opted for something casual and comfortable, so I chose a black skirt and a baby blue top to go with it.

About an hour later, Max, Chris and Alex came to escort me, first to breakfast and then to my first class. This class was according to my schedule to be female submission 101. My blood was starting to boil with just the title alone. Somehow I just knew I was not going to get through this lecture demurely.

At breakfast, my mother and brothers saw me and called me over.

“You are looking great my daughter. Are you happy now that you are on the path to being the girl you always wanted to be. I always knew you were struggling with gender issues. I had hoped that you could confide in me. I will help you to become the girl you want to be. I know that you are going to have some hard times still with your father. I wish there was some way to modify his behavior. I have put up with it for too long.”

Alec said, “I am so glad to see you become who you were meant to be. I know that dad made your life very difficult trying to force you to fit his standards of masculinity. I too, always knew that was not what was meant for you. I will try and be there for you as much as possible, sis. I also think you cut a beautiful figure as a girl. Mom there may be a way to cut dad down to size. I know of some irregularities in his books and may be able to take control from him. I also have some ideas on how to give him a better understanding of women and what it will feel like if he was in the role of what he considers to be the perfect woman. Just give me a little time to implement my plans.”

Carl came over to me and gave me a reassuring hug. “I, too, accept you as my beautiful older sister and will try to give you all the support and love that you will need from me. I only wish that dad could accept you for yourself and not try to change you to fit his bizarre notions of femininity. Alec I will support you in whatever you decide to do to dad. He needs to learn that he can't control everybody and make them do his bidding.”

My time spent with my family, minus my dad of course, helped me to find the strength within myself to start being the person I want to be. I think I can finally admit that I enjoy being dressed up like I am now and always felt that I was born the wrong sex. Maybe in a very strange way my dad was helping me to develop into what I wanted. I just don't know if I can put up with his antiquated notions of men and women.

All to soon, breakfast was over and my guys escorted me down the corridor to the classroom section. They led me to the door to the class.

“Michelle, we will be back when the lecture is over. I know that this class will be hard for you. Just remember the instructor is being coerced to say what your father wants. She was once your father's male rival whom he transformed into the submissive woman before you. I know this because I saw it done and it was not a pretty sight. This incident is what keeps most of us in check.”

This statement scared me. I was now beginning to get very afraid of what may be in store for me. I was starting to view my father as a very crazed individual bent on world domination. I somehow felt that he was not going to stop with just this little secret group. I hoped that Alec was right and could stop him. I was also fearing what might happen to my brother if he failed given what my dad did to his rival.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Act like a boy 8

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 8

I guess I should fill you in on my family. I am the middle son, I guess now the only daughter of my parents. I have an older and younger brother who fit the more stereotypical role of male. I was always on the more delicate and feminine side which of course drove my father.

My father, Samuel Smith, is a man's man. He likes to workout in the gym. He loves to fix and repair cars. He is into Football, Baseball and Soccer. He played them while he was in school. He built up a very well-known chemical company which is how he made his billions. He has enough money to buy most of the world's governments if he chose. As you can tell he has very old-fashioned opinions on the roles of men and women. He is usually loud and overbearing and usually gets his way. I hope to change that somewhat especially with what he has planned for the new feminine me. I don't mind becoming a full female, in fact I think that I really will enjoy that. I just don't want to be totally dependent and submissive to any man. I want to be an equal partner to him and share our lives together. I want to be loved and respected and not seen as just the help.

My mother, Rose Smith, is a lovely, maternal woman. I am very close to her as I took after her physically. I am small and slender like her. We are also a lot alike personality wise except that my mother tries to be subservient to my father. I know it bothers her but my father has her so browbeat and intimidated that she doesn't fight back. Don't get me wrong my father has not hit her, but he does tend to use a little verbal intimidation when necessary. On the sly, my mother has taught her sons to respect and treat women better than my father does. This has been successful with my brothers and me. I am a strong proponent for equal rights and always treated women with the respect they deserve.

My older brother, Alec Smith, is your typical 22 year old male. He played Football and Baseball in high school and college. He is 6'4” and very muscular in build. He has a wonderful girlfriend whom he treats with respect and they are equals. This part drives my father crazy but as Alec is all man, my father lets it go. I wonder how Alec fits in with my dad's new kingdom. Alec graduated from college with a business degree. He is the vice-president in my dad's company.

As for me, as you already know, I am slight in build and can easily pass for a woman. Ever since I could remember I used to wonder what it was like to be born a girl. That was something I tried to hide from my dad, but I guess he caught on. I loved to play with dolls and had quite a few girls I grew up with that I played with their toys. When I was in my teens I used to sneak into my mother's closet and try on her clothes. I loved to wear them and loved her high-heeled shoes. When I got my own apartment, I did start to buy my own feminine clothes that I loved to wear. I was asexual in my feelings to others. I really do not care about sex which drove my father crazy as I did not go out on dates. My father hates to see men act unmanly and feels that if they can't act like a man they should become a woman.

My younger brother, Carl Smith, is sixteen and still in high school where he is Captain of the Football team. He has a girlfriend whom he also treats like a queen. He is 6' and still growing. He can devour an entire table full of food and go back for more. He is more quiet than my other brother but still likes to tinker with tools.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Act like a boy 7

Act like a Boy or else …

by Lesley Renee Charles

Chapter 7

My group of escorts led me down the corridor to the dining room. We entered a great big room filled with heavy antique mahogany furniture. There was a great big table in the center that sat at least thirty people. My escorts told me that was for formal occasions. There were several smaller tables that were clustered around the big table.

I was led to a table that was more towards the center of the room. One of the men held out my chair and pushed me in, like a gentleman would. I was told that because of my busy day we were eating late so I missed out on meeting the other people that were living here.

“Princess Michelle, I guess since we are your security detail maybe we should introduce ourselves. I am Chris Lewis, maybe you remember me from school?”

“Weren't you very slight of build and kind of a nerd?”

“Yes, that was me. I chose the manly path that your father offered and this is the result. I am now muscular of build and get stronger every day. All of us here, chose that path and are glad of our new bodies.”

“How did my father accomplish that, the results are amazing. I think you have also gained a few inches in height?”

“We don't know, he has developed some secret formulas. One will make whoever takes it a man and one that makes whoever takes it a woman. You may have to take the second one, if you father wants you to.”

“I will take that if I want to and not if and when my father forces me to. I am my own person.”

“Hi, my name is Max, I am Chris' older brother and I was a lot like him in build and manner.”

“Hi Max, great to meet you.”

“Hi Princess Michelle, I am Alex Smith. The Alex used to be short for Alexandra.”

“You are a woman?”

“Oh no, not anymore. The first serum makes you a male in all aspects. Like you, I always felt that I was born the wrong sex. I was miserable until your father offered me this choice. I am now so happy being a male. You make a beautiful woman and by tomorrow you should legally be a woman.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean your father has petitioned to court to have you considered legally a woman. What that means is that you will be a female and treated as one. If and when you marry you will be the bride. Also you can legally marry a male.”

The introductions to my detail were completed. I had three muscular and very handsome hunks taking care of me now.

“Guys, one thing I want you to stop doing is calling me Princess. I see myself just as an ordinary person.”

“All right Michelle, we will drop the use of your title. But you should also know that your father is planning a ceremony to have you recognized as his daughter and be called Her Royal Highness. He is also arranging your marriage to another male from another group who believes as your father does.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I mean that you will be considered his wife and as your father feels women are not capable of deciding things for themselves, you will submit to your husband and receive his seed. He will also take over your titles.”

“Do you mean I become his property? Whatever happened to Equal Rights for Women? I am going to have such a talk with my dear dad.”

“Well you can only do that if he calls for you.”

I finished dinner in a definite bad mood.