Friday, May 31, 2013

Summary of the latest.

Had the procedure down May 13 and it went well.  I am still healing from it but it is healing well.  I have to see the doctor June 13 to cut my hours at work down to 20 hours per week so I can apply for disability.  I need the guaranteed income to live and since I have Congestive Heart Failure I could get it.


Roland said...

Hi Lesley,

I am so very sorry about this all happening to you, as for sure nobody deserves just that happening to him or her. Nevertheless, I am happy to read that all is going well, the procedure having went fine, with you recovering now. I wish you all the best that it will stay this way. On top, I wish you all the best regarding the formalities following now, providing you also with financial security.

However, it is first of all so very good to know that you are alive, and hopefully will enjoy your life for a long time from now - which imo is the most important thing. And I really am impressed and amazed about your spirit, not letting lose or giving up, but just to the opposite, fighting and self-preserving. You set a great example thereby, Lesley! You still managing your blog, while commenting on others, just proves it! You are so strong, Lesley! Never ever forget about that!

Best wishes to you, dear friend!
Best regards,

Lesley Charles said...

Thank you for you great words, they help me to go on, Roland. The hospital loved my reaction since it happened, I have accepted that it happened and now I am trying to correct my life style to prevent it again. My faith in God is helping me and everyday I thank Him for letting me enjoy another day. I now take time to enjoy the beauty of everything around me and try to look to the best of people around me and try to avoid the negatives, your words prove that I am being successful and help me to go on.