Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alexandra's Story Part 5

Alexandra was pondering over her current predicament and deciding whether she should just accept her punishment and let them make a woman out of her or still try to go back to Alexander. She did miss out on her freedom as a man.

On the other hand, there were somethings she liked about her new role. She was starting to like the softer new fabrics she had to wear, although she could do with the corsets. It was also fun, to let a man court her and bring her flowers. She was afraid to let the queen know that though. She was starting to find Christopher adorable though. She loved how he made her feel cherished and desirable. She would rather it not be because of what Alexander did to Dawn, Christopher's sister.

Alexandra, now that she was starting to realize how vulnerable a woman was regretted what she did to Dawn. She knew now that it is wrong to force others to do what they don't want to do. She wished she could undo what she did.

She realized that she had to become a woman so that she could realize the damage that she done to Dawn. She would have to try and apologize to Dawn and try to make it right.

She resolved to herself to make the best person she could become and give up being the spoiled brat of a man that she used to be.

Meanwhile Christopher was still deciding if he should really be himself and court Alexandra showing her what a fine guy he was, or should be act the brute like Alexander was with Dawn. Christopher really did not feel right about being mean and brutish with her. He felt that women should be respected and not treated as objects for his gratification. He wondered if behaving as a gentleman if Alexandra would realize how a man should behave and regret her actions as Alexander.

Christopher decided that he was going to court Alexandra, as a gentle woman and give her the respect that was due to her. He felt it was better to woo her and not force her into anything just as a punishment to an unforgivable crime. He thought that this would help her accept the position she was now in, become a better person than she had been.

The next day, he got up and went to the florist's to get her a bouquet of flowers, so that he could begin in earnest to court and woo her. He figured that it would be better to treat her with kindness than with an iron glove.

He sent a message to her once he reached the palace.

Alexandra was deciding on what gown to wear that day, when she got his message. She had her maidservants dress her in a midnight blue velvet gown and fix her hair.

She entered the court room and saw Christopher standing there with the bouquet in his hands.